circuit overseer worship

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  • Magnum

    For over thirty years I observed among JWs the phenomenon of CO worship/idolatry. I, myself, was somewhat guilty of it even though I rather quickly caught on and detected something wrong.

    Think about the week of the CO visit. During that week most attention is given to and most thought is about the CO. The supposed Sovereign of the Universe takes a backseat. Nobody thinks about him; everybody thinks about how he or she can impress, please, satisfy, cater to, etc. the CO. During the weekdays it’s all about him; all attention is on him. Nobody gives a passing thought to Jah.

    The CO should really be just a tool or aid in the worship of the Sovereign, but instead, he becomes the focus. Instead of his being an aid in focusing attention on Jah, he becomes the center of attention. So, he is an idol.

    It's sort of like what happened with the Mosaic Law. It was supposed to be an aid or tool in the worship of God, however, by the time of the Pharisees, it became almost the focus of worship - the center of attention. Their was so much emphasis placed on the Law that many missed the point of it. It, in effect, became an idol.

    Not only do JWs worship COs; they worship Bethelites, Bethel itself, and, of course, their main idol, the GB.

    Another problem with the CO visit is that it was always the most inefficent week or two of the year. Field service was largely a waste. We only got a few minutes of actual service in. We didn’t really get started until about 10:00am. And when we did get started, the CO did the pioneer shuffle – walking extremely slowly and talking between doors. Then after maybe slowly working one side of a short street, it was time to head off for a break. Then after the long break at McDonald’s or wherever, it was back to the field for one or two dud return visits, and then it was time to quit at 11:30 so the CO could meet back at the hall for lunch at noon. Afternoon service was a waste, too. Once, a few years ago, a young brother (twenty-something) said something like “man, I don’t get any field service time when the CO’s here.”

  • PureEnergy

    I think things are getting off-track because too much emphasis is being put and position in the congregation. It reminds me of being at work everything is about getting a head and doing more than the next guy. Guilt is used to make you feel as though nothing is ever good enough. You really feel like you are serving and pleasing man. That's why everyone acts different when the circuit overseer comes around as if the Jehovah didn't see how things were before his visit.

    I noticed the style of control from day one and never felt comfortable with it.

  • Magnum

    PureEnergy, I forgot about how everything is so different when the CO comes around; that used to really bother me. I would see appointed brothers who never went out in service with the group show up early dressed in their best with beaming faces when the CO was around. People would come out of hibernation, but the next week, it would be back to normal. I always used to say that CO visits never really gave the org a picture of what a cong was really like.

  • stuckinarut2

    I agree!

    And yes it's true that the week after the co visit (or assembly or memorial etc) is ALWAYS the meeting with the least number in attendance!

    It's as if the whole cong is worn out from the heightend activity the week before (such as co ass kissing)

  • Darth Fader The Sequel
    Darth Fader The Sequel

    Excellent observations, Magnum. All true. There have been a handful of CO's in my lifetime that I thought were pretty cool dudes (at the time anyway). Most of the CO's were just average and forgettable. A few were world class assholes. But what was always consistent was the blatant CO ass-kissing by the members of the congregation. That never failed.

    Another aspect of the CO's visit that always infuriated me was the need for the entire week's schedule to be turned upside down and backwards just to accommodate the CO's precious little schedule. WHY?? If you happen to be in a KH that has more than one congregation then BOTH congregations must all change their schedules and lives around to make sure that the CO schedule (directed to him from the almighty GB) could be kept like a Swiss timepiece. So, that means that upwards of 200 to 300 people (counting both congregations) must totally change their work, school, field service, weekly meeting days and times, bible studies, game nights, other hobbies, etc just so that a CO and his wife can maintain the exact same schedule each week of the year. Again, I ask WHY???? I would think the CO and his wife might actually like to adjust their week to whatever is going on in that particular congregation's schedule if for nothing else, a little variety in their lives. But no. It is "direction" from on high that everyone else must totally throw their lives into chaos two weeks a year because.......... well.... just because.

  • XkhanX

    My congregation will be busy arranging for meals for he CO and his wife. From Tues to Sunday, 2 meals a day plus treats during the day.

    CO has been so tampered with good meals that at I seen he is allowed to choose where to eat after the morning service.

    its all about the food And Tea breaks, an occasion where he will dispense counsel like reaching out, doing more for Jah and worship the Org...ect.

    2 days meeting a week changed into 3 days meeting with repeated recyced talks. It was super tiring and I do not look forward to CO visit. It's extremely tiring and does not up build the cong at all. Instead the cong is fleeced and need to take care of hosting the CO in lodging and meals.

    What a way to add more load to those who are already loaded down.

  • ohnightdivine

    I've never cared about CO visits. Always felt like they were extremely pampered and spoiled. Field circus was a joke. The last CO was a sweaty pompous guy who did not have finesse.. was quite rude and goofy.

    New CO visited last week, I heard. Of course, I never showed up during the entire week.

    All that "upbuilding" stuff is fake.

  • A.proclaimer

    CO and DO's get all the VIP treatment they need and a lot of times is like idolatry. This happened at the last Assembly I had, but for a retiring elderly DO after they gave all DO's the boot. The DO made an announcement after he finished his speech that he was to retire to bethel with his wife. After the assembly was over, all of a sudden a huge crowd of people come up to him, shaking his hand, taking his picture. Some where even holding their iPads up over the crowd just to take a picture, it was crazy. And the DO? He had a huge smile on his face, all happy with the attention he was getting, and all the pictures he was taking with kids and adults.

  • Hairtrigger

    It has been my observation that attendance suddenly tends towards optimizing itself during the CO,s/ DO,s visit. One would think it was the second coming!

    Elders suddenly trying to get the CO to attend a particular bible study, have a meal- preferably dinner- at their home. No doubt gifts of gifts and money changing pockets inobstrusively as well as other forms of venerated exclusivity being heaped on a bum living off hard working people's sweat and blood.

  • NotNew

    Yes ur absolutely correct they are worshiped...there is not another word that best describes the way they are treated! Absolutely worshiped. The km hall is cleaned, preparations are made...the congergation is in a frenzy preparing for the great visit. Well at least some are...and others, with the help of the ones in control of their minds.

    This is repulsive! These men are supposed to be the servants, like Jesus, ready to serve not be served, or feared! The ground they walk on should not be view as hallow or sacred.


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