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  • KateWild

    A nice recruitment training package is to be rolled out this weekend at meetings. But it can be applied to making and keeping friends once you leave. I found it very good I can even use it for dating too. It mainly focused on the golden rule found at Matt 7.12, rabbi Hillel also used this advice to the Jews.

    All in all not really so bad when you know what it is, apply what you need and filter out the CULT mind control

    How did you find it?

    Kate xx

  • KateWild

    bumped for today

  • KateWild

    Nearly 600 hits and no comments.........I am a naughty girl for going back for a few months. I have been told by JWNers now. I went for a nice walk in the park with a friend that's not a witness afterwards though. I am developing a circle of friends you see.

    Anyone joining in??????????????

    Kate xx

  • thedog1

    Well I conducted the study in our hall and it got a good reaction. Basic manners really, and that is a good point about being able to apply this rule in all areas of life.

  • KateWild

    good point about being able to apply this rule in all areas of life.-thedog1

    There are millions of JWs who have double standards though and don't apply in all area's they just do it clinically to recruit members into joining WT. They need to wake up and realise what they are doing....we woke up didn't we??????????????....so can they.

    Kate xx

  • BluesBrother

    It is true that the principles of this study article are good for life, so they should be, they were stated by J Christ in a context that had nothing to do with the ministry of J W's . If you do not accept thar J C said it, then it is still a truism that has been used for centuries and well tested.

    Really though, do the current crop of dubs really have to be told not to trample on the gardens , peek through the windows and make unecessary noise in their H to H work? ...It seems that they do. I guess the G B knows that they are lacking common sense and good manners!

    The article did not say exactly what I write next but many of the comments at the Hall did. They said repeatedly:

    "Of course the world that we live in is so lacking in care and consideration, we can show we are different"..."Bad manners and discourtesy are the norm these days" , "Nobody else cares for their neighbour except us"

    They totally ignore and blank out all the good and kind things that ordinary people do. It as if they look at the world through s***t coloured spectacles! In fact that is what they are trained to do, it is what The Borg wants and needs them to do if they are to preach the slaughter of us all without compassion.

    I heard many anecdotes of householders being impressed with kindnesses done by Witnesses , but they were only the normal human things that anybody would do, indeed would have been unkind not to help someone

    It is all a part of the cult training .....

  • losingit

    Witnesses look at the glass half empty instead of half full. Even though I am going through much right now, I know that the world is full of good people who do good things, like look after their neighbor, take care of their friends, and show loyalty and offer support to their family. Some take further action to help others on a local, regional, national and international level. I could not understand nor adopt the Witness mentality of being so utterly pessimistic about the world we live in. My goodness-- no wonder so many suffer from depression while in! If I am a good person, it is because I want to be and act on it. Geezzzz I don't need a reward in Paradise to be kind, loving, compassionate, considerate, and merciful. Smh

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Hey. I sat in the meeting today thinking something similar. One thing I have learned about life is that everyone needs human contact. Everyone likes to talk, an act of kindness or human contact enriches. All that time I spent agonising about what to say to girls, the perfect line. Sometimes just hello will do.

    What I am saying is that putting on an act just to impress people on the ministry is bollocks. If you want to be less lonely, enjoy life better just talk to people. Don't be too selective just be friendly and interested. Life will be better.

    You are right Kate, just use the concept to make human contact. Just be careful though, the cult can remove the filters and alarm bells, protections others have built in. The universal truth remains though that people are attracted to warmth and kindness.

  • OneEyedJoe

    All through the WT study today, I kept going back to: "If I applied the golden rule in my ministry, I'd never go D2D again"

  • sparrowdown

    Hey Kate- sounds like you are finding some use for what's passed off as "spiritual food" at the meeting,

    but what will you do if they do decide to reinstate you?

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