Can an Anointed be Disfellowshipped by the Elders of Earthly Class Now?

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  • ProfCNJ

    Hi folks. Anointed JWs have heavenly hope, including the esteemed privilege of reigning as kings and priests with Jesus Christ. While they preach and share practially the same spiritual activities as members of the Other Sheep (OS) do, an anointed JW has a greater distinction.

    Come now the disfellowshipping standards. Would it not be awkward or inappropriate at this time to expel an anointed from the organization by elders who belong to the OS or earthly class, most especially if the case is Apostasy, or should we say apostasy against the new Governing Body?

  • KateWild

    Anointed or not the Df'ing process is a control strategy that cults use to instill fear of authority. It's also a mechanism used to control information. No former members can tell their side of the story to a current member.

    Elders can do as they please, they are at that level of hierachy to act as they wish with relative freedoms and the backing of the CO.

    Kate xx

  • givemejustalittlemoretime

    It's claimed somewhere that 40 of them were disfellowhipped or reproved for studying the bible without the consent of the GB. They apparantly got together to study and the GB did not approve of it

  • Fernando

    *** w07 5/1 p. 31 Questions From Readers ***
    However, genuine anointed Christians do not demand special attention. They do not believe that their being of the anointed gives them special “insights,” beyond what even some experienced members of the great crowd may have. They do not believe that they necessarily have more holy spirit than their companions of the other sheep have; nor do they expect special treatment or claim that their partaking of the emblems places them above the appointed elders in the congregation. They humbly remember that some anointed men in the first century did not qualify to serve as elders or ministerial servants.

    (Is this where the demoting of "the anointed" from their position as FDS started, so that the GB could declare themselves the FDS????)

  • cantleave

    Annointed could always be DF'd by non-annointed elders

  • ducatijoe

    Who cares!

  • cantleave

    Who cares!

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    The only difference is that when a D/Fed anointed is reinstated they return to being anointed still.

    They do not turn into OS!


    How did I ever believe this twaddle? (Sigh)

  • ProfCNJ

    Hi folks, I raised the question since having the hope to become co-rulers of Christ is such a distinctive, elevated status implicitly. How can a brother who belongs to an earthly class or OS judge him? Wouldn't it be more appropriate if he is judge by elders who are also anointed?

    @Fernando, thanks for lifting that excerpt from the WT. Following that thought, would it also be safe and valid to assume that the same principle applies to the FDS or the Governing Body, e.g. no special treatment, no special gift, etc?

  • Magnum

    In the last few years in my area, we had two situations in which judicial committes consisting entirely of non-anointed handled cases in involving partakers (I use the term "partakers" because it's more accurate. They did partake at the Memorial, but I don't think they're anointed - if there even is such a thing). One was disfellowshipped and the other reproved.

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