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  • exwhyzee

    This is the link to the website that was set up for the Intl. Convention here in Seattle the weekend before last. We went to dinner in the city with family members afterward and saw a lot of old friends. It was nice to again be part of that old familiar social affair that was a big part of our lives.

    I can't help feel a bit sad as I see some of the people I know in the videos. Especially the Splendor of Washington Video. It all seems so nice to be a JW but the reality of it all, just isn't the same as they present here. I want it to be, but somehow it isn't. I have a feeling of having missed out or having been left out, or that maybe I've been too critical somehow, yet at the same time glad that I don't have to do all that anymore. I suppose a lot of it could be because this is my home town and seeing the familiar places and faces and the history I have here, compared with the difficulty one has when starting over. The only difficulty really is not having a network of friends anymore.

    I'd appreciate it if you could have a look around at the site and view these videos and photos and tell me your reaction. Maybe it will help me sort out what it is that I'm thinking and feeling.

    Thanks !

  • Magnum

    Hey - I think I feel sort of like you. This year my wife went to the convention with my mother. It was the first year not going for me. When I saw them pulling out of my driveway to leave, I had to fight back tears. I thought of all the years I went and it was the highlight of the year and I saw friends and was with family and I believed it. It was just sad to me and I was feeling nostalgia for old times.

    A few weeks ago, I watched the videos on the site you linked. My feeling is that if JWs really believe the end is imminent and that billions of lives are at stake, why are they spending so much time making keychains & totebags?

    Even though I feel nostalgia and long for old times, I realize that there is MUCH wrong with the relgion and most JWs are unreasonable, ignorant of their own history and doctrine, and self-righteous. The org is deceptive and I have evidence that virtually proves it.

    So I have mixed feelings. I long for the safe feeling I had when I was a believer and thought I was on the road to paradise, but I realize how wrong things are in JW land, and what is beneath the veneer that we might see on the surface - the lies, hypocrisy, deception, crazy history and subsequent cover-up, money-grabbing, etc.

    I have wondered, too, whether I was being too critical, but when I sit down and look objectively at the evidence, I realize I'm not. I actually want it all to be true, but there's just no evidence to prove it is and there's too much against it. The only JW I've talked with about my feelings could give me only two reasons for believing JWs have the truth: 1) look at the unity JWs have all over the world. My answer to that was that what JWs have is forced unity as in N Korea. No one is allowed to disagree or question without being punished. 2) Look at the preaching work JWs are doing. My answer to that was "yeah, look at it. It's completely ineffective. It's extremely inefficient with much time being wasted with JWs riding around packed in mini vans and counting time stopped at McDonald's and callling on dud calls. Also, by far, the majority of the publishers are unqualified, many having never even read the Bible and not even being able to explain the basic JW doctrines."

    I suppose a lot of it could be because this is my home town and seeing the familiar places and faces and the history I have here

    I think that is true. It's the same reason I almost cried when I saw mother and wife drive off without me going to the convention. It's local; it's personal; it brings back memories.

  • Crazyguy

    Well If you ever get the desire to go back just read the book, Finish Mystery....

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    I'm not from the area, so I just strikes me as whitewashed promotional presentations. And now that the program is done and over, this is becoming "ancient history", just like 1914.

  • factfinder


  • sarahsmile

    What does the beautiful Washington scenery have to do with serving Jehovah. It is like using unhealthy elderly! Jesus never said the unhealthy were to preach or the elderly. Unhealthy guy and his wife was worried about serving Jehovah!

    If they were so WORRIED about serving God they would not feel the need to hand out brochures and books other than the bible!

    Preaching the good news was about the apostles bowing down and giving ALL POWER AND AUTHORITY over to Jesus. ALL power and authority was given to Jesus so preach Jesus make deciples of Jesus followers. Christians came after Jehovah,YHWH, preachers.

    Witness to Jehovah would be Old Testament.

    Also, there is no such thing as spiritual Israelites. It is made up.

    The bottom bible says to not WORRY about wars and reports of war, end time events.

    It sad to see elderly couple wasting their last years handing out brochures.

    It is a habit and for some an addiction. Never can do enough is just a sad addiction.

    There should be worldwide AA meetings for anyone suffering from JW guilt.

  • sarahsmile

    "I have a feeling of having missed out or having been left out, or that maybe I've been too critical somehow, yet at the same time glad that I don't have to do all that anymore. "

    Trust me, years from now your going to realize you did not miss out, left out, on anything.

    Once you realize it most of the doctrines are lies the rest is dealing with reality.

    Reality might not be as emtional crippling as living in a fake JW concept but at least it is every day life.

    Granted there will be days your going to think your too critcal, how much love you had as a JWs, and surrounded by friends. Compared to now and living without as many people.

    You need to realize that Peacful life as a JW has been playing in your mind for a very long time. The friends were part of the packaged deal.

    All just made up.

    We all set through hours of mind control talks and magazine filled our heads with safe peacful life style BECAUSE WE WERE JWS. Just like the video stated We are JWs!

    Unfortunately it is a very hard one to overcome that fuzzy safe feeling. Just remember if one is not JWs off to destruction you go according to WT.

  • ducatijoe

    Well I just watched the video. I was in Seattle this summer for a week. But not as a JW. I was with wonderful friends and enjoyed the city.

    As the film shows, Washington is a beautiful state.

    But I prefer to travel and enjoy it on my own terms. The people in this film were no doubt excited to be asked to be in it. I the JW world this would be of the highest reward. As to how happy they are in their everyday lives... how knows. If after a stroke someone wants to set up a display and sit out with it, that is their choice. Did Jehovah arange and provide it for them... NO. They did it on their own.

    If a spanish speaking brother wanted to drive from California to Washington for 1 congregation.. fine.. did Jehovah provide the oppertunity or make it so? No.. they did it on their own.

    This is all fine if any want to live this life. My only regret is that if at one point in the life of one or more in this film, they chose to no longer be part of all this why can they not just say so and leave. No harm done.

    Why if they still want to live in a beautiful area but not go to meetings anymore, not preach the WTBS message anymore, can they not hang out with their old JW friends.

    When I chose to leave a company I am still able and allowed to meet with former co-workers for a drink.

    Yes... well produced video, however I prefer to chose my own path.

    Signed..... Out and doing well!

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    It's interesting to note that their is a CROSS featured in the avatar. (or am I mistaken?)

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    When my wife got up at 5:30AM this morning to go to the convention with her family, she was the one feeling sad, not me. I felt truly blessed to sleep in another two hours on a Saturday morning. I will NEVER shed a tear about not attending a DC. I wouldn't even have done so while I was in! They are dreadful.

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