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  • New Worldly Translation
    New Worldly Translation

    That Ikea story is funny, haven't heard that analogy before, haha. The Jdubs must have hit saturation point going door to door and are getting no interest at all. I left 10 years ago and I would regularly take my magazines out for a walk without placing any or having a decent conversation with anyone.

    I've heard about JW's running literature stalls at local markets too. Man, it must be piss easy to get pioneer hours in now the lazy arses.

  • Ocean1111

    Well obviously simply bypassing the whole Web territory of 2 billion+ people is a strategic decision. The decision is to KILL the ministry, it is as if Charles Russell and Joe Rutherford IGNORED the technologies of their day, which they did not. Plain and simple a JW on the Web for one month with a few techniques known to SEOs globally, would be far more effective than 3 "pioneers" working streets and doors ALL YEAR LONG.

    And how do we know this is the case? Look at the Web's effect on decreasing JW growth. Now the Bethel lawless record disseminated through the internet stumbles conservatively 4 or 5000 people evry day away from "the truth", as Bethel causes "the truth to be spoken of abusively" by their record.

    In fact the whole "opposer" front has been transformed to an analysis not of theology, but of Bethel UN NGO, pedophile aiding and abetting, shunning and shameless racketeering of billions in JW assets and global slave labor to recapitalize the JW "investment" into lucrative property and technology farming.

    Now as well Bethel subverts not only the average JW, they also subvert the opposition by labeling them "apostates" when in fact the Classic Apostasy is right in Bethel's leadership. JW critics should not allow Bethel to call them "apostates", Bethel has no business pointing any bloody fingers at anyone and people should ID Bethel as the real "apostates".

    Now the list of strategic ministry kill techniques can go on and on and it indicates design, not random spiritual decadence. The random decadence is now developing as a symptom of the core design right in the congregations who emulate the spiritual criminality and hubris, as usual, of the Bethel celebrity leadership. The WHOLE thing, and every part of JWs, now distracts from their own original "Kingdom message".

    JWs are now a ridiculous GB cult and running joke and it's going to get much much worse.

    Thus it appears by all this "rebranding" and latent messaging they are preparing JWs for the Bethel backed end of the ministry, to be called off by the GB themselves and thus that 1976 GB coup will meet it's original objective, but in final form. It is "the end" of Bethel "any day now", not the world system. Bethel is preparing the cover and reception of their own planned downfall, that is the only reasonable answer for all these weird anomalies, because it is from 1976 that Bethel went into terminal corruption and development of their top 4 global stumbling developments and policies that literally stumble probably a million people a year for the last 20 years.

    There is no way to blame the whole JW ministry for the world of the lawless GB since 1976, but they love people to make that over-extension to question the entire Christian validity of a "kingdom come" message which has been the core of any believer's own "model prayer" for 2000 years, and that too is discredited by the Bethel vampires. Bethel's apostasy is only equalled by the Sanhedrin, Christendom looks like a saint compared to modern lawless Bethel's record from a more enlightened state and claim persepctive. Meaning JWs "claiming to see" are worse in blindness due to their own "accurate knowledge" and claims.

    That is why the ministry is at "apex" in stumbling, not in effectiveness. Many red flags are now flapping over Bethel, it is worse than even most JW critics realize.

  • rebel8

    I saw one of those booths on library property recently. I consulted with an attorney from who confirmed it is legal in the US to use gov't property in that fashion unless certain groups are being favored over others.

    My library's policy is to permit groups with differing views to promote free exchange of ideas and freedom of speech. I am considering writing to my library board with quotes from the litteratrash that restrict freethinking and freedom of speech.

    I do not like religious groups using government property. I feel it violates my legal right to freedom from religion. Unfortunately, it's a feeling, not a fact, that such property usage violates my legal rights.

    Perhaps other jurisdictions would have more luck than I did.


    Rebel, you should set up an identical rolley-cart with cult awareness materials right next to the JWS. DD

  • Focus

    Some are more than a few cards short of a full deck...


    The rest of the scam is built around that.

    Not the other way around!

    If you sell more litteritchah with "street-prostitution", it is done this way, with its pyramid-scheme operation. If it is better another way, that will work.

    Sweet Jaysus, some people are stupid.

    You don't say anyone (cofty, please excuse) actually was so loose-screwed to buy into any other explanation?

    Whew... wanna buy Brooklyn Bridge, anyone? I have it on offer this week. Strictly cash, though.



    ("One Born Every Minnit" Class)

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