We are an Evil Aposta-Family

by Skinnedsheep 25 Replies latest jw friends

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Best of luck to you and your family. Anything worth doing takes alot of hard work. Remember you now have the truth on your side. Still Totally ADD

  • Vidiot

    Pulling off a band-aid usually hurts, too, but it's only momentary.

  • Mum

    Congratulations! Welcome to freedom!

    Your children can find friends at the Boys' and Girls' Clubs and YMCA/YWCA where you live. In most places, there are summer school and vacation Bible school activities for kids as well. Help them forget those snooty smug, self-righteous JW's!

  • Daniel1555

    I am proud of you. You did the right thing.

    Continue to show neighbourly love in your life.

    You said you don't celebrate holidays. Maybe reconsider birthdays. Jobs sons celebrated birthdays according to Job 1:4 and Job 3:1. The bible doesn't say a word against it.

    Good luck... you will find some new friends.

  • whathappened

    Yes, we are being shunned for having quit cold turkey also. There mouths drop open in panic when they see me at the store. They act like they didn't see me. So funny. I have lost all my friends from the first 57 years of my life. Your kids are the "lucky" ones. You have done the right thing by not continueing to raise them in a hateful cult.

  • FadeToBlack

    Awesome. Wish I had done the same thing as you age (woke up). Then maybe my son could have been on a few sports teams in school and had some girlfriends. Maybe I would have done more to encourage his education. I spoke with him recently, and he is ok with all the lost years (does not blame me). Up until recently, I was always more worried about what he had lost during his childhood as a JW, but recently, I realized that I lost out on a lot of normal parent/child events too. Trying to get past the anger....

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