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  • Quarterback

    "Helper" sounds better than, "Partner in Crime"

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    "Brother X has been serving for 25 years as a pioneer"

    Well, you can expect them to tell the whole story...

    "Brother X has been slaving for 25 years as a pioneer and supporting himself with his window washing business. Please try not to stare at the huge scar on his face since he could never afford insurance, but is confident that Jehovah will make his face normal again very, very soon."

  • frankiespeakin

    I would love for this as an introduction:

    Lets listen to Brother Kiss Ass who has served more than 6 months as a bethelite and has graduated from the ministry school and is on the board of directors and a governing body helper. So please give your attention to this guy. So please brother Kiss Ass tell us more about "The Need To Always Obey The Governing Body As If Our Everlasting Lives Depended On It".

  • WTWizard

    How often they waste 20 or more years pious-sneering, with nothing to show for it? They might have brought 50 people into the cancer. But, are they any better off themselves? What is the condition of their soul? Probably wretched. They might know what the washtowel says, but what if the doctrines change? All they learned goes to waste. Do they know the first thing about astrology? Do they even know where Saturn is? Let alone what it means? No. Do they know the first thing about mantra chants? Even the corrupted versions? Let alone being able to pronounce them and which ones to use. It's one thing to spend 20 years doing it and getting nothing for it, but do they even try?

    And, in the practical world, how much do they know about what's coming and how to protect themselves against it? Nothing. I have had the exact same warnings about debt based dollars becoming toilet paper as everyone else has had. Yet, I took boasting session time to find out what is going on behind the scenes, that the banks are merely stalling, and that sooner or later they are mathematically certain to fail. At which point, hyperinflation starts. What have those 30-year pious-sneers done about it? If hyperinflation starts because their next attempt at stalling results in total loss of faith in the dollar, how many ounces of silver will they have? How many have real barter skills? In hyperinflation, most people will either clean their own damn windows or simply let them remain dirty until heavy rain washes such windows. If such things as the next generation of Pokemon and Nintendo 3DS will become dispensable when the dollar becomes toilet paper, what will such things as hiring a maid to clean their office?

  • sylvlef

    it is in all DC and RC i confirm that, and seems in all countries also. Here in France i've been hearing those "introductions" by number of years to pioneer for almost 10 years at least. But i remember there was a time when the speaker did not introduce talks that way...

  • blondie

    I noticed and asked why such credentials were not given at the Sunday public talk for a visiting jw? I found out that some congregations had been doing this and slapped down by the CO.

    The WTS is hypocritical by saying the appointed men do not have titles....

    Instead of Elder Smallmind, they say Brother Small mind, an elder from the West congregation...because it follows their name they don't consider it a title.

    When introducing or pointing out someone in the congregation say to a visiting jw or bible student

    That's brother soandso, he's the COBOE (say all) here...explain what he does

    That's sister soandso, she's regular pioneer, their son is an MS and Bethelite

    That's sister visiting, she and her husband are missionaries visiting from Ghana, he's an elder on the Branch committee

  • AlphaMan

    The JW's always have to put somebody in a class, catagory & status.

    Anointed or other sheep

    Man, woman, boy or girl

    Baptized or not

    Publisher or not

    Regular publisher, irregular publisher or inactive

    Special Pioneer, Regular Pioneer, Auxilary Pioneer

    Good Standing, Disfellowshipped, Disassociated

    Congregation priviliges or not

    Elder, Ministerial Servant or not

    COBE, Service Overseer, Watchtower Conductor, TMS Overseer, Accounts Overseer

    You can go on and on and on the class, catagory & status the JW's will break you down into. Ridiculous cult.

  • cultBgone

    They are, and always have been, about Labels.

    Even calling each other Brother and Sister is an announcement of self-perceived pious-ness.

    Now the really important labels mention the gb (grand borgians).

    Sad that those still believing have had their ability to objectively reason on such things surgically removed.

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