THAT "Resurrection" Video

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  • rory-ks
  • stuckinarut2

    Thanks for posting it!

    I have heard so much about it...but to actually see it has just made me SO angry!

    Emotionally manipulative, contrived, leading, controlling, carrot-dangling, fairy tail!

    Is this what it has all come to? When facts and logic, and credibility has all been lost by the GB, they just use this emotionally appealing stuff to keep everyone in line and blindly following them!,!!????.!

  • His Excellency
    His Excellency

    isn't this a crime?

  • DesirousOfChange

    If I recall correctly, the video said this is simply her "imagination" of the future resurrection.

    So far, that's all it's ever been: Imagination. Pretend. Make believe.

    Promised for over 100 years.

    More failed promises.


  • maninthemiddle

    Firstly, is this from the 2014 convention? It has absolutly no substance, but I guess that is what the org is these days.

    Secondly, What is it with all the recent videos that show amazingly expensive/luxurious houses. Is what the NS is to them, beautifully decorated with modern funiture? I guess that was the house she called while in FS?

  • OneEyedJoe

    Yep, this was from the latest convention, and indeed lacking in substance. I was up and about while they played the video, but I sorta watched on one of the monitors, and knew what to expect based from info here. When I got back to my seat she asked if I saw it and said everyone was crying. My response was, "Yeah...I remember the days when they actually had things of substance, not just emotionally manipulative videos." She wasn't too pleased with that...

    I think all the depictions of luxurious living is just meant as a subconscous visual to entice people to stay in the org for their desire to live like that. Either that or it's how the GB lives, and they just think it's normal.

  • Laika

    Because paradise is forever dressing like a JW at a meeting.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Let's suppose I went back in time 30 years. . . . .

    to my old Bookstudy in 1984. . . . . .

    BOOKSTUDY: "BOC! You're from 2014!??!?! What is the new system like? Has brother Faithful been resurrected yet?"

    BOC: "Nah, actually everytihng is still going the same as ever. . .. No new system, no paradise. . . . There is this thing called the Internet though. Pretty cool. Your kids will love it."

    BOOKSTUDY [gasps]

    BOC : "Oh, I'm sorry, I left something out: After 100 years of Invisible Kingdom Rule, God's Kingdom produced a marvelous video about someone imagining what the resurrection/new system will be like."

    BOOKSTUDY : "You are an imposter! An apostate! An apostate imposter from HELLL!!!!!!!! AHHAHHHAHAHHHHHHAAAAAAA!!!! Run for your life's, it's Satan himself trying to destroy our faith!"

    BOC: "Actually the video was quite well produced. . . "

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    I like the comment, "Wow, she died in 2014 and was resurrected in 1958, very interesting. I didn't think there would be lesbians in the "New System". Must be new light."

  • jgnat

    Marked. My random thoughts:

    No blood transfusion for dear old mom. Probably hastened her death.

    Wooden door handles? Because there no more foundries? That doesn't explain the pot lights though.

    I see both ladies are in flats. I guess that is sensible. Not so the dresses.

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