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  • HeyThere

    Lol yes, I saw that...I also liked the overall ASSuption lesson (ASSuME= making an ASS out of U and ME) I have never cared much for gossipers...However I also caught the Imbedded messages. That is the scary part. The wtbts is using loaded language that is producing subliminal messages of a sort...using certain gestures, and strategic pauses and phrases during talks. Go ahead...really pay attention to all of these things.

  • Tech49

    My first thought when viewing this drama:

    if brother pioneer loses his job and cant live up to the obligation he made and repay brother elder, then why not do the common sense thing and sell the car, repay brother elder the remainder of the balance owed to him, so as to not have hard feelings and bad debt. Why does pioneering trump repayment of debt? Sister elder gave up her vacation money to loan it out for this car, why does she not get a say in how it is repaid?

    Call your bank or other institution that finances your car and tell them that and see what happens!

    Instead, we see and are reminded of the theme that is becoming all too familiar: pioneering takes precedence over ALL things, including taking care of relatives, repaying money loaned to you by your brothers, and use of your reasoning abilities.

    Yes, far more important to lolygag around the territory in you "free" car, stopping for coffe and donuts, passing out flimsy leaflet tracts that no one reads, every month, than to take care of "worldly" obligations, instead mooching off of your "brothers", making them carry the burden of your debts and responsibilities while you do "busy" work.

    Stupid. This was a sad, lame drama that did nothing more than to show congregation members how to shirk responsibilities and mooch.

    Moral of my rant: Dont "lend" these idiots any money, no matter what, because if you do, theres a good chance that you wont see it again, and at the very least, you have to know that you are NOT very high on the repay list.

  • 4thgen

    Maybe I was thinking too much about this....But the lesson was on assuming bad things to our brothers about money, etc. I was thinking the underlining message maybe not to assume that the WT is doing bad things with your money/contributions, because you don't really know....

  • WTWizard

    I have one message for any jokehovian pious-sneer wanting to borrow money from me. They are not getting any. I have money to lend to those freeloaders (or donate to the Worldwide Damnation Fund), I have money to buy myself some silver. And I am keeping the silver. That is for me to use when the dollar becomes toilet paper, and I am not lending out silver either. And, if they have money to buy computer equipment, they have money to do the exact same research on things as I have done. They have access to the same sites regarding the dollar becoming toilet paper. They have access to the exact same sites to do something about it. They have access to the exact same sites I have access to regarding the astrology of this happening. They have access to the same sites regarding the EPA, including possible rolling blackouts. And they can access the exact same sites to do something to protect themselves.

  • inbetween


    totally agree with you, i was just being sarcastic by calling the working brother lazy and materialistc. But thats how the org wnats us to view them, so they at least out of guilt support pioneers financially. the whole drama was a perfect example of manipulation.

  • sparrowdown

    The lesson I take away from the drama is that the only thing JWs are suckier at (other than being truthful) is acting in pantomime/dramas.

  • LongHairGal

    Hi inbetween:

    Certainly no offense and no hard feelings my friend.

    I know what you mean about how they want to "guilt" people into doing things. Well, this is one guilt trip I never felt. Those deadbeats can go to hell.

    First of all, I came into the religion believing their claim that they had "no clergy class". Anybody there who imagined they were going to be supported like clergy was in the wrong religion as far as I was concerned.

    I will never forgive how I was viewed and spoken against because I work for a living. I had NO intention of following in the foosteps of other foolish single women there who pioneered, cleaned houses and did favors for the "users" just so that they would be "accepted" by jealous idiots in the religion. I had to look out for myself.

    I am glad I am not there anymore to hear hard-luck stories of the average person there who didn't save for retirement;

    I am glad I am not there anymore to hear about how another so-and-so lost their job;

    I am glad I am not there anymore to hear never-ending appeals to give money to Circuit Overseers (who had the nerve to knock college and careers) so that they can live better than I do;

    I am glad I am not there anymore to hear appeals for money for bethelites and missionaries who were sent home; etc.

    I am glad I am not there anymore to hear appeals for money for renovations; and

    I am glad I am not there anymore to be around crazy people they have brought in recently because they cannot find normal people at the door anymore, and imagine they are going to inflict themselves on some woman in the hall. Well, not this woman.

    IN short: Good Riddance to the whole damn thing!

  • stuckinarut2

    How will I sit through this and not burst out laughing and gagging when I have to attend in Melbourne!?

    I think I will not even make an attempt to hide my shock.....let it out, as I bet I will not be the only one thinking the same things!

  • DesirousOfChange

    What TECH 49 said.


  • inbetween


    interesting what you mentioned about the clergy class:

    I used to believe also, that we have no clergy,...thats why you can just follow the bible and everyone is equal, there are no secrets, no payments to an upper class, no special treatment.

    Reality? There is secret meetings in bethel down to kingdom halls, judicial comitees, letters, elder books etc,

    There are many benefits for higher ups, some living like maggots in the bacon

    They are treated like saints, especially memvbers of the GB.

    They may not be called clergy (except when they need the term for legal reasons) but they act and live like it.

    oh, and lets not forget: Its a cult, period.

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