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  • inbetween

    anyone seen the drama on friday ?

    It was about a pioneer couple, when the husband, also an elder, lost his job, and borrowed money from a fellwo elder, who apparently was considered weatlthy.

    the main lesson of the drama was quite ok, even though a bit overdone, touching on the issue of gossip and false assumptions.

    But there were at least two subtle lessons, whitch were quite disturbing:

    1) No matter what happens, remain pioneering. Lost your job, no money aside for emergencies ? no worry, the brothers (those lazy materialists, who do not pioneer) will lend you money and better not complain about it. Paying them back ? well, whenever...just keep pioneering...

    2) older ones, you do not keep pace with the orgs propgress in the use of technology? save up your pension and buy a computer, congo will teach you how to use it, so we (org) do not have to worry about you and print costly magazines...

    This seems to be in line with two major thrusts of the org: push pioneering and use of jw.org

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  • Heartofaboy

    Yep barfing too..........


    LOL!!! So true!


  • Jeannette

    What is pioneering except standing at the doors begging for money to send to the Watchtower. Of course it's the most important work in the world today so regardless of the weather, job loss, aches, pains. outright sickness and no money, you get out there in service. Watchtower is so financially poor that they need every penny that can be sent. (yeah, right).

    Older ones, use your pension and buy a computer. Good advice, but don't go to jw.org, go to Jehovahs-Witness.net.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Maybe that is the big announcement this fall. No more Wt. and Awake will be printed. You have to down load them and print them off on your own computer, paper and ink and then go out and give them away. I could see that upsetting the older ones who don't know how to use a computer. Still Totally ADD

  • stuckinarut2

    Yes of course! Use the jw.org website!

    After all, didnt the convention say that along with the photo drama of creation, this was the only thing that the ruling messiah has accomplished since 1914?

    So, all you faithful, jw's, unless you want to anger the ruling king, you better go and buy a laptop or iPad NOW!

  • Antioch

    Exactly how much is their printing operation expected to shrink?

    They have essentially gone from being literature sales (20th century) to a reale state landlord situation (new monthly congregation expected donations).

    The McDonaldization of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Check out this quote:
    Ray Kroc [founder of McDonalds] will ask students what business he is in. While this may seem like a stupid question to some, it is a serious one. Ray Kroc answers he is in the real estate business. McDonalds has built their wealth through the sale of franchises. Because real estate is his business, he makes money through the sale of his franchise and the location of the McDonalds. Let's think of all the McDonalds, it is not coincidental that they are located in key intersections. There are many other business minded people replicating this system of real estate.

    -----end of quote----- (ref: http://comm439sp10.csulb.wikispaces.net/McDonaldization)

    So what business are JWs in now? Not burgers, and not literature. Apparently they are franchising Kingdom Halls now and expecting a monthly payment along with the benefit of owning the improved property.

  • OneEyedJoe

    When the bank guy decided to quit and begin pioneering, I thought, if this was reality, the pioneer would be panicking because now he has no one to mooch off of.

    The main plot, though, was shamelessly stolen from every sit-com and after-school special ever. Joe loans bob money, bob doesn't pay it back right away. Joe learns that bob bought something frivolous and gets angry. Finally, upon confronting bob, joe learns that the frivolous purchase wasn't as it seemed. Everyone's friends again.

    Its like they're not even trying anymore.

  • LongHairGal


    As somebody who was criticized left and right in the religion for working full-time, I would never give money to any of these people. They can go tell their hard-luck stories to somebody else!

    I am glad I no longer attend assemblies/conventions. I would have vomited listening to this.

    And you've got it backwards in my opinion. The lazy ones ARE the ones who pioneer, not the so-called "materialists" i.e. responsible people who work at a job supporting themselves. It is far harder to go out into the world and work and fend for ones-self. I even had pioneers actually TELL me this and that is why they couldn't "hack" it in the work force. I don't have much sympathy for them.

    I am sure more and more responsible working people (a/k/a "materialists") will feel as I did and get tired of being targeted by people who never wanted to work for a living, and end up walking out.

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