Lost and Found

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  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    My extended family members died so I have a lot of freedom. If someone asked for personal information, I would ask for id and call the police.Also, I've been asking people here for years where public space ends and private space begins. Is it the sidewalk, the stairs, the yard, the front door? A relate issue would be where tort liability starts. A jerk from KH showed up at the door and pleaded with my mom to state whether she loved him? Neighboors were outside. What a good show! Through the family , five local KHs heard what a scandal he caused. They were not having any affair. She started a countdown to calling the police.

    Black members were always welcome in our home. This was a grave threat to the neighbors. I used to field five or six phone calls asking what a person was doing at our home.

  • Vivere

    Thank you for the suggestions! I will put them on ignore if they call or leave messages - and I havent heard from anyone in about 3.5 years, baffles me as to why they are trying now. The person who stopped around has my phone number so why she dropped by without calling is strange - unless to catch me off guard. She would had to have done some recon to figure out where I currently live.

    If they drop by again, I do not want to hide in my own home if they knock, will answer the door and redirect the conversation.

    I was a little surprised how I felt when I found out they came looking for me. Put me in the mode I feel I have something to hide or feel guilty about, when in reality, I am living MY life. While I maintain they do not have control of me, it seems they still do.

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