New Light from 2014 Convenetion re Dancing

by Haupi33 18 Replies latest jw friends

  • Haupi33

    Now it's okay for the rank & file to dance and do the Twist before the program starts. Check out the video

  • donuthole

    Sorry guys. I'm going back. I hate missing out on the fun.

  • hamsterbait

    RMC stands for Royal Military College in Canada.

    Look at some of the other videos and you will realise it is nothing to do with the witchtower.

    As for the rock concert in the Kingdumb Hell - this is just ridiculous, when everybody getting married is told they can only have kingdumb maladies at their wedding.

  • Bobcat

    Look at their shirts. They all have convention badges on. But it does look 'Christendom-ish.'

  • AlphaMan

    They are Dubs.....unless there is a dance like Elaine from Sienfeld convention taking place.

  • clarity

    Hampsterbait........RMC ......Reginal Music Committee!

  • BU2B

    Still seems very cult-like to me. It seems forced. It reminds me of how in North Korea they have various ceremonies of song and dance throughout the year. They do it to appear normal, but we can still see through it. It sickens me how they can dance around like fools, whilst they shun their parents, siblings children etc, and while they would brainwash a small child into refusing blood like it is rape. BARF!!

  • hamsterbait

    Clarity - sorry; I saw a load of other vids come up after I watched it, with " RMC Canada " in the header - some of them including soldiers marching around a field.

  • EndofMysteries

    It's not only at the convention, in this thread are 2 videos of them dancing to worldly music in the kingdomhalls! Towards the end of the first video they all jump up and the whole kingdomhall is going Pentecostal!

  • designs

    So how exactly did that GB meeting go when they voted on Dancing

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