Jesus use of illustrations in wt July 7-13

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  • smiddy

    I always get my giggle box cranked when someone says "always remember" about something that they have zero personal knowledge about.

    Perry," Always remember that not one of the NT writers had actually seen or heard Jesus."

    Hey perry , do you have personal knowedge that what I stated is incorrect ? Please supply your evidence , I am more than willing to change my beleifs if I am proved wrong .

    None of the NT writers had actually seen or heard Jesus .

    If you can prove this statement wrong Perry , then by all means do so ,I am open to all views , not bound by any.


  • Phizzy

    Perry may claim that Paul "heard" Jesus, Paul certainly thought so. But you are spot on about the others of course, as Doug's post shows.

    Voices in ones head are proof of nothing, we had two or three posters on here a while back who claimed that Christ spoke to them, are their Posts then Holy Writ ?

    In none of the Writings, Canonical or not, are there any words that we can be sure were truly uttered by Jesus, or indeed any other character in these predominantly fictional works. ( I have a feeling I have seen articles on line about Pilate's "What is truth?" for example.)

    Thanks for this Thread, What is Truth.

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