Secret recording devices hidden in Kingdom Hall furniture...

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    A)..Mom can we go home now?

    B)..Can I have your phone number?

    C)..You people aren`t dressed right!

    D)..I wish the old Guy would Shut Up..

    E)..I found my Dads Porn Web Site..

    F)..These people are Nuts!..

    G)..I love listening in..

    H)..Your husband`s been dead a week..Lets go for dinner!

    I)..Mommy doesnt come to meetings anymore..She belongs to Satan now!

    J)..Lets go for Ice cream..Don`t tell your mom and dad!..

    K)..I think Herberts cheating on me!..

    ...........................................................Image ...OUTLAW

  • JustVisting

    A: Hey, I'm a brother with priveleges and a job, what more do you want?

    B: I'll cut back on my hours at work so I can pioneer, you can keep your full-time job at the pet store and we can live in your parents garage apt.

    C: I'm not going to tell you what to do but the WT says...

    D: I don't care, I out-rank you old man.

    E: I'm giving my first public talk this Sunday, any do you wanna come over and play "Zombie Apocalypse"

    F: I'm getting the hell out of here!

    G: I told you, your spiritually weak, Mildred.

    H: But Brother Elderstein, I only have 60% use in my lungs. Elder: but remember the sister in the iron lung that pioneers.

    I: I'm sure glad your mommy went out into the world and got her accounting degree so I don't have to work and keep my MS position.

    J: No Comment. Strikes a nerve!

    K: Maria, just because the other sisters avoid you doesn't mean they don't love you. Love is what distinguishes us from Chrisendom (sic).

  • Focus

    Thanks, all!

    OUTLAW and JustVisiting, you need to look closer.

    F)..These people are Nuts!..

    F: I'm getting the hell out of here!

    But he is striding out of the room with a book bag... so he isn't on the way out from God's (sole) visible organization.

    Much more likely he's out casing houses for him to seize at Armageddon, or checking out the rest rooms for any young 'uns so he can demonstrate "right handling" to them.


    ("Non-perverted" Class)

    I left several years ago and have not been hounded, bothered or sought out by anyone


    Hey Focus!..


    "F"s is casually dressed..No suit..

    He`s got a "man purse" instead of a brief case..

    Definitely not a "Dipped Dub"..

    He`s escaping!..



  • LisaRose

    A = But Mom, I don't want another Bible Stories book, I threw it away because the pictures scare me

    B = No, we don't charge for the books, it's just that you must donate to the world wide book when you get them, then you ask for a donation again from the householder and we get that too. It makes sense if you don't think about it too much.

    C = Don't worry about looking so scruffy, we understand that you were a worldly person and under Satan's control. We will have you looking just like us in no time.

    D = Brother, I have to council you on your shoes, they are far too stylish for a Jehovah's Witness, it makes you look worldly and materialistic. Why don't you get shoes at Wal-Mart like everyone else?

    E = You look like such a dork in that suit, so I took a picture and posted it on Facebook, by tomorrow everyone at school will have seen it.

    F = Thank goodness that torture is over and I can get the hell out of here.

    G = you don't look well, why is your face so pale?

    H =my Angina is acting up, so I wanted to stay home, but my idiot husband made me come anyway.

    I = In the new system we will pet lions, just like this. Do you like petting things? I do, I like it a lot. I like getting petted too. A lot. A whole lot.

    J = You can see from this illustration of people petting lions that it would be a mistake to go to college, because Armageddon is right around the corner.

    K= My husband beat me up last night, but the brothers said it was my fault, because I wasnt submissive. So I got a gun, just wait until the next time he smacks me. Weaker vessel my a$$.

  • JustVisting

    Outlaw, no self-respecting man would wear a purse like that, only a fully dipped He-dub.

  • Focus

    no self-respecting man would wear a purse like that, only a fully dipped He-dub.

    Correct, JustVisiting.

    He's certainly been dipped - why argue about it?

    My concern is who is he intending to dip his dongle into next...



    ("Shameful!" Class)

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