Are Jdubs going to put the elderly out to pasture with

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  • ambersun

    I can't help feel sorry for the many elderly JWs who loyally refused to have anything to do with computers back in the early days of the internet when the Society warned against its use. Many JWs refused to allow computers in their homes as they felt they were instruments of Satan. As a result of their misguided loyalty they are now techno dinosaurs in an age where the Society have done a complete u turn and expect all JW homes to have a computer, as long as the rank and file promise to only ever look up and no other web sites of course

  • RichardHaley

    My parents, (78 & 75) are still active. My dad an E and my mom an auxlilary pioneer when she can. Both are pretty computer litterate and are doing pretty good especially with their iPads and iPhones. One of my family members is a wizard with tech stuff and has been able to keep them abreast of all the changes. I don't think this will slow them down at all but I do see it affecting most older ones alot.

  • Jeannette

    Coffee, I got a book from the library that litarally had a picture of the keyboard and steps that would say "hit enter". It was a computer book for the elderly, and it was so basic that anyone wanting to learn a computer would find it just wonderful. As you progress, it teaches step by step how to write and send an e-mail. It would be good if she got that book and then she and you could e-mail each other!

  • Virgochik

    My mom's in her late 70's too, and she sighed that she really has little interest in getting a tablet, but she supposes she will have to buckle down and get one pretty soon. She sounded kind of stressed about it. It sounded like she's being pressured. She too is a pioneer.

  • sarahsmile

    Elderly probably place more magazines and books.

    I think they will keep her as a faithful pioneer.

  • Coffee House Girl
    Coffee House Girl

    Thanks everyone for their replies, and thanks Jeannette for the suggestion of a book...I will look into that!

    I think people who just happen to like technology, and find it fun to learn new things (like your parents RichardHaley) will always be able to roll with the changes and keep up with new gagetry.... like a fish to water- but I have observed being raised in JW land that sometimes a lifetime of not thinking for yourself (especially as a woman, you must always defer to the man as your "head" of household) makes some JWs completely lost when trying to learn how to do new things....they get left behind.


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