Are Jdubs going to put the elderly out to pasture with

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  • Coffee House Girl
    Coffee House Girl

    It will be interesting to see how things play out...but one example which got me to thinking about this is my mother. My mom is a 76 year old regular pioneer (she is one of those who believes that you are "nothing" if you are not a pioneer...the position is everything)-

    I am moving in two weeks to go to grad school, so I have been trying to go out to visit...say things for her before I leave. Years ago I gave her my old laptop and tried to teach her how to turn the computer on and navigate the internet, and at the time she told me that she would never use it, there was nothing for her on it, and she was too old to learn.

    Now...she asked me yesterday to teach her again, she is worried because she has to try to learn how to get on and doesn't know how to...this technology can be so scary for elderly people...and my mom is so used to giving out paper. Even the little things like double clicking on an icon seem so confusing for her she was just shaking-

    I'm wondering if the future when takes over all aspects of their worship (as their new idol ) if mom will end up having to step down as a regular pioneer...I don't agree with JW doctrine anymore, but I would never dream of disrupting my mother's faith at this stage in her life...the resurrection hope means everything to her, and her work in the ministry (even though sad and depressing to me) is also important for her identity.

    These are my musings over coffee this morning....



    Excellent topic about which I think more and more these days. You've laid out the dilemma faced by many--if not most of-- the elderly faithful exactly so, as represented by your mom's circumstance.

    Looking forward to this discussion and adding my own thoughts when I have time I don't at present. Thanks for starting it.


    Captive 7/1972 - 2/2001

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    HI Coffee House Girl, i'm just now having my coffee too, this morning - well really it's after noon but it's a lazy Sunday for me. Here where I am it's eastern daylight savings time. To me that means it's just now 11 a.m. in REAL time.

    I do think WT loves to push older people out to the edges. But, what your mom can do is give out those tracts that advertise the jw website, and tell people to go to the website. If she finds someone who accepts a study, she could take computer-savvy people with her to have the study.

    Congratulations on going to grad school. I would love to hear about your school days when you get time to talk about it.


  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Just to add a thought...isn't it wild that trying to learn how to use a computer makes an older person nervous, but she can face angry homeowners without a qualm.

    It was just the opposite for me.


  • Magnum

    Coffe House Girl: Even the little things like double clicking on an icon seem so confusing for her

    I have observed the difficulty in clicking on an icon in older ones, too. I tried to teach my dad to use a computer and he literally just couldn't do the mouse double-click. I also tried to teach an older elder a few years ago; it was the same with him and the mouse double-click. It just looked so awkward and unnatural with both of them. They would sort of lean into the clilck with their entire upper bodies, and instead of the action being smooth and effortless, well, it just wasn't . To this day, neither is able to go much beyond turning a computer on.

    My grandfather was a hard-working, true-believing JW. He pioneeered the hard way until he died in his 90's. He loved and lived for "the truth". I don't think he would like this new look, feel, and direction of the org. Heck, we aren't even supposed to be here now in "this system".

    I'm beginning to agree with those who feel as you do about not spoiling the hopes of older ones. My mother is the same age as yours and I know, judging from things she's said, that she's concerned about not having much time left. I had been gradually trying to point out to her TTATT, but I think I'm going to just back off and let her keep her hope, unless she starts questioning me or speaking negatively of me.

  • AlphaMan

    It's always so funny when an unsuspecting JW clicks on and then realizes it is an apostate site. LOL

  • BluesBrother

    A lot of the older ones think that they are being left behind in this move to embrace technology . The smart young ones are suddenly the saught after ones as the "silver surfers" have question about tablets. I can tell you that a lot of them don't like it and next month's leaflet campaign that says that salvation can be got via is enough to make them feel like dinosaurs

  • millie210

    If JW leadership is at all calculating they will not let go of the seniors.

    Think about many younger (in their 50s. 40s and 30s) are barely sticking with the truth because of their elderly relatives?

    So to keep that boat from rocking, there will be a plan to "help" these older ones.

    What comes to mind first is letting younger pioneers count their time helping older ones with the internet. Not lessons on the computer but doing it for them....helping them study and research and counting THAT time.

    A second idea is a user friendly app that helps older ones. Some one will invent it and the society will make money off of it.

  • Coffee House Girl
    Coffee House Girl

    Interesting thoughts, thanks for your replies....I agree that perhaps the borg will come up with some other way for the elderly to count their time-

    like with the "you can even count 15 minutes if you are sick/bedridden" exemption.

    My mother tells me that she reads a lot to people at the old age homes (her community has three rather large facilities for full-time care of the sick/elderly), so there are ways around e-preaching with I'm sure. Marina, I know in her younger years she was one of those that walked around with placards saying "false religion is a snare and a racket"...she talks about being threatened and yelled at...but now field service is so mild- drive around for hours to knock on doors with no one home, stop for food breaks, visit the sick and infirmed- she has her regular magazine route that she has had for decades (those people think of her as a friendly lady, she has no bible studies that I know of)...this change to e-preaching with i-pads is just really a difficult skill set for people like her to aquire.

    I was having a nice conversation with her yesterday (with my real mom's personality...not the cult mom I'm used to dealing with)...I think she realizes that there is something really off about the direction that the JW religion is going, but she cannot let herself entertain those thoughts so far as to say that they do not have the "truth". She is just really hoping that she can pass away soon, and in her mind...dealing with all these changes will be over with...she will wake up in the "new system" where Jeehoober will fix everything for her.

    Part of me is glad to be moving away...I'm looking forward to a fresh start without wearing the JW baggage on my sleeve, but I also hate to leave my mom in that loveless/conditional love environment. Her actions since my leaving have demonstrated that even though it is hard for her, she will not stop talking to me, I am still her daughter- and I am grateful that she tries even though our relationship is somewhat guarded.


  • Oubliette

    Anyone that can't double-click and that doesn't know their left mouse button from their right will be put to death at Armageddon by Jehovah, the God of Love.

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