If you don't like being a Jehovah's Witness then leave....

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  • Quirky1

    If you don't like being a Jehovah's Witness or going to the Kingdom Hall or the Society then leave.... It's as simple as that...

    I left several years ago and have not been hounded, bothered or sought out by anyone. I still see them from time to time, and yes, they do pour out the love bomb when you run into them, but eh, you know what? I know them for who they really are. Most of them cannot help it, they do not know anything else, or are bound by guilt, fear and the "hope" of a new Earth.

    Some choose to stay because they need the socialism, like the drama, or have a sense of power due to the position they hold.

    Life is short, so enjoy it... You do not need religion to help you through it.

    Peace and love baby..

  • J.C.

    Right on Bro ! People are creating more drama and more stress by complaining and finding fault. Get out. Enjoy. Move on. Be happy. Only person you hurt being miserable , angry , resentful ... Is yourself.

  • stuckinarut2

    Great points!

    Yes, you are both spot on....it's just a timing issue for many of us stuck in....but i know we also need to grow a spine and take action, or we will be in this same boat in years to come...after having wasted more time stuck in.....

  • Quirky1

    Exactly, JC....

  • Quirky1

    You are only stuck in if you allow yourself to be..... You have to be in charge of your life..

  • AlphaMan

    What you are saying sounds good on the surface, but many people have different circumstances. I too was able to leave without losing anything, but it was only because of the circumstances of my leaving. People have left like you say and lost family & employment. Each person has to weight their decision to leave this cult very carefully.


    Nice! To be fair, it takes time to work through the pain of being deceived. Still, sooner or later, you have to let go of the anger because you only poison yourself.

    Never wrestle with a pig in the mud. The pig loves it, and you both get dirty. Or, for a more Eastern flavor: Holding anger is like carrying a molten piece of iron and threatening others with it. In the end, you only burn yourself.


  • LisaRose

    So, do you think that everyone's experience is just like yours? How obnoxious to assume so. Everyone is different and is affected by being in a cult in a different way. Most of us are being shunned by our families. Some of us did not break the mental chains as easily as you have.

    It's true, to a certain extent, that we are in charge of our lives, but being in a destructive cult like the Jehovah's Witness affected in a very deep elemental way. We all know that we must move on, some of us have actually, but not everyone moves along the path to recovery at the same rate, to pretend otherwise is not kind, or helpful. You sound like you are still thinking like a JW, judging others, making assumptions and pretending this is just a religion like any other, that someone can easily leave and move on.

    Do you think the pain of being rejected and shunned by your parent is nothing? Do you think we should just forget our children who shun us, pretend we didn't love and cherish them for eighteen years, pretend we don't care that they won't speak to us?

    How sad that it appears you actually haven't moved on.

  • ThomasCovenant

    ''I left several years ago and have not been hounded, bothered or sought out by anyone.''

    Me too.

    Attended every meeting for over thirty years. Attended one week, didn't attend the next.

    Life carried on.

  • Strangelove

    I like your point that life is short, and the more one ponders on such, it can really help others push themselves into extraordanary situations that better them. Its what helped me leave as fast as I did. Regardless of consequence.

    Howevor, It is not that easy. Not for everyone. Scenarios, experiences and the like are constantly different. We may all be in the same boat to a degree, we are still different. Example, can a child fully aware of the cult mentality just walk away? Well, yes, at the cost of running away from his or her family and sacrificing his/her shelter, source of food and a bed to sleep on. It just isn't realistic. I'd like to support this idea with full certainty he or her managed to suceed and escape from the Borg. But there is a level of uncertainty to this. Just because I would rather die that return, doesn't mean everyone else has to feel the same. Be like Andy Dufrane from The Shawshank Redemption. Be patient, and plan an escape. Patience is a virtue. Delayed Gratification. The harder the conquest, the greater the reward. And always recognize not everyone's circumstances are comparable to your own. As much as we'd like for that to be, some advice is futil to others. No matter what.

    Still I applaud your encouraging post. :)

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