How do you feel ethically about the Governing Body?

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  • stuckinarut2

    I kind of feel sorry for them.

    They have let their own delusions go to their heads, and they really think that they are special / chosen by god etc...

    But having said that, they have perpetuated a dangerous set of beliefs and a dangerous culture amongst the organisation that is truly messing with good hearted people's if one of the GB was on fire, I wouldn't piss on him....

  • Focus

    How do you feel ethically about the Governing Body?


    I kind of feel sorry for them.

    You "kind of feel sorry" for a set of people whose policies have resulted in the mass anal and vaginal rape of children?


    Contrast with my feelings:

    And when past policies are not repudiated, apologized for and financially fully compensated for, the blame is shared equally with the incumbents.

    There is clear and present danger too:

    A couple of captions may have been altered to reveal TTATT.



    ("Destroy their Club!" Class)

  • stuckinarut2

    oh no Focus...I agree with you...

    You did read that "I wouldnt piss on them if they were on fire" didnt you?

    Unless of course there was a huge amount of flamable liquid in my bladder at the time!

  • cultBgone

    I only feel ethically about organizations that are ethical. gb is the antithesis of ethical.

  • galaxie

    Just had a conversation with a jw at the trolley/cart.

    Me; have a strong faith in the organisation being that you believe its led by the FDS.

    He;...I wouldn't say I have a strong faith as their not a perfect org'.

    Me; when as you believe jesus chose them by inspection in 1919, would you say he knew most of their teachings at that time were not only wrong but absolutely contrary to scriptural teaching as the consequent changes to understanding of these teachings has changed ?

    He; well do you believe in god?

    Me;..I'd like to hear your opinion of the organisation which you believe jesus chose to represent jehovah and provide the proper food to his people on earth?

    He; you believe in god?

    Me;...please check to find out what kind of organisation you say you dont have a strong faith in.

    I hope he does!!

  • hamsterbait

    These reptiles are looking forward to murdering billions of buman beings, just because they didnt buy the Witchtower shite, or because jehoobie expects them to believe in fairy tales that science has long ago proved to be nonsense. (Most of those billions being children under the age of ten)

    If they REALLY follow jesus words "do unto others" then they must want to be killed themselves. They have perpetrated worship of a vicious petulant psychopath, and will reap the consequences. Even the childrens videos avoid all mention of jesus if at all possible.

    They are already, along with the gofors, clapping their hands in gleeful anticipation. But they think we care about them and their self centered little world, their nonsensical tale of a Universal Struggle in a broom cupboard.

    The only reason I wont celebrate is that Karma does happen. So I try not to bear ill will toward anybody, even the rats the health department slaughters.

  • mrquik

    I like the similarities to the Scribes & Pharisees. Jesus called them out on hypocrisy. AMATEURS !!! These guys make them look like choir boys. I do wish there was a burning hell for monsters like these guys. You might want to cut them some slack believing they were sincere. So was Hitler.

  • punkofnice

    The GB deserve to be sprayed with bullets face justice because they have willingly and for money, comitted crimes against humanity. They have deliberately defended paedophiles, allowed the R&F to die because of refusing blood and split up families (like mine), through shunning and mind control.

  • bobert

    Honestly, I probably wouldn't stictly because I don't know them personally. Also depends on what were to happen to them. Whether they consciously think about what they're doing in regards to how they're manipulating people, or negatively impacting people, they are horrid people. So in short, no.

  • punkofnice

    If something terrible were to happen to the members of the current gb would you feel bad?

    For what they've done to hurt and destroy families, childeren and people with their filthy money grabbing lies I would hope it was me that did terrible things to them.

    I seriously often wonder if I would if given the opportunity.

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