How do you feel ethically about the Governing Body?

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  • runForever

    If something terrible were to happen to the members of the current gb would you feel bad?

  • EndofMysteries

    With the current GB claiming they authorize or write and oversee the current publications in the past couple of years about not even emailing family members who left their cult, about not caring for elderly family, about not planning for retirement or getting a higher education while they are set themselves for life, and the website with it's lies about not shunning those who have left the religion, etc, the world would be a better place without them. Unfortunately others would take their place and continue on business as usual. But all the destruction they have done, lives they ruin, and being at the top they know the facts, they deserve anything they get.

  • EndofMysteries

    Now the brainwashed R&F I would feel bad for. I still have family in there and having been there myself, they are just brainwashed and have no control of their own lives. But those who are responsible for doing all of this and carrying it out I would have zero sympathy for.

  • Focus
  • What is Truth?
    What is Truth?

    Do I feel bad about giving a dog deworming medicine? NO. There are tons more parasites in the world sadly not going away, I don't want my animal or any other creatures sickened by them. However, even though it is more complicated than that with with the GB and their slaves they are still parasites in my view. I do not mind them being preserved in some way for study like they do with worms in jars of formaldehyde.

  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    If you know a regime, political (eg, tyranical despot) or religious, is oppressive, totalitarian and causes suffering and harm (eg, children dying who need emergency blood transfusions, paedophile's not getting ousted from congregation because there weren't 'two witnesses', families being divided up and suicides from total shunning), then it is quite morally and ethically arguable to wish for the demise of such a regime, including the leaders of that regime.

  • Raton


  • JeffT

    If something terrible were to happen to the members of the current gb would you feel bad?

    Why would I? If they're right they're up there helping Jehovah run the universe. If they're full of it, they're getting what they deserve.

  • Finkelstein

    How do you feel ethically about the Governing Body?

    Not very much for I know that this particular pretentious religious publishing house has cost humanity greatly

    and will to continue to damage a segment of humanity into the future.


    The GB of this organization past and present have exploited people's insecurities of themselves and their own inherent

    ignorant basic belief in the bible to manipulate these ones toward the proliferation of their own published goods.


    The WTS leaders have only one objective and that is to support the organization of which they live off from,

    cultivating their own power and wealth from that disingenuous exploitation.

  • truthseeker

    Wolves in sheeps clothing. Psycopaths. Don't be fooled by their warm smiles. They'd sooner kill apostates if it were legal to do so.

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