R and me

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  • Divergent

    Well, so much for "unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno"

    I assume no one made it to South America? Lol

    LITS, whenever any elder behaved in a tactless way towards me, I would throw James 1:26 at them. That never failed to shut them up

  • Pistoff

    No one made it to South America.

    I was so enamored with going; I was reasonably fluent in Spanish, was making plans.

    And then I noticed GIRLS.

  • Pistoff


    "The urgency of the late '60's blinded us to reality."

    Oh my god, yes.

    The 60's were turbulent, the social unrest, war protests and political storms just totally proved that the end of the world was near.

    With the end so near, why would any thinking person go to college, or get a job with a big firm?

    Or invest in health??

    No need to fix those teeth, or get that surgery; the new order is so near, brother, and all of those things will be taken care of.

    Time now to focus on our ministry, on making it over the finish line, brother; fight the fine fight, run the race that is set before us.

  • Divergent

    Well, Latina girls are hot

    Just sayin'

  • Pistoff

    Yea, Just Kidding, but so far away at the time!

    I am saying I noticed girls, like, man, look at what just walked by!

  • AndersonsInfo

    Thank you so much Pistoff for sharing with all of us the story of "R" and yourself.

    Reading your story has stirred up many memories. Yes, those were "strange times" clarity.

    Hope you post the next installment soon.

    Barbara and Joe

  • Pistoff

    Thanks, Barb.

    It was carthartic to write; didn't know how I felt until I wrote it.

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