Any examples of the JW's turning their backs on the elderly?

by AlphaMan 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • AlphaMan

    The JW's just do not see how cold hearted and unloving the Watchtower mindset is. Sure they believe in the resurrection and have their preaching work, but they have no true concept of love. They only love those putting on the outward appearance of meeting the Watchtower standards of field service, attending meetings, etc. They would be more Christian and get more done if they found some balance in helping their aged, sick or poor members in need, rather than be concerned with turning in a time slip at the end of the month to show how "holy & obiedient" they were. They should be able to count time helping their own rather than wasting time getting nothing done by bothering people who think the JW religion is bat-shit crazy.

  • Crazyguy

    Good Point Alpha, they really do not have love for one another unless that person is along side them at a meeting or ministry. My grandmother is 95 and I don't think she has any visitors from her cong in years. If you not at meetings your forgotten.

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