2014 God's Kingdom Rules PDF!

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    2014 God's Kingdom Rules PDF! . We would like to thank Cedars who contacted a friend who sent us the book to scan. The sender was promised that the book would be rerurned to them unharmed. Since we could not just scan the book as if it were ours, we had to be very careful with it, and this is why some of the pages are not exactly the same size in width. .

    We would like to thank wannabefree for his efforts to scan the book in the time frame he had, and our may thanks to watchtower87 for his posting the BOEs and Kingdom Ministries. . The book is Searchable and Bookmarked. Chapters are highlighted in bold Red and the Sections are highlighted in bold Blue. . 2014 God's Kingdom Rules PDF.

    . https://www.sendspace.com/file/q2l3dq .

    . Atlantis

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    Thanks. I appreciate your efforts in this.

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    Thank you!

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    You guys are great.

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    Thank you!

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    Thank you Atlantis, Cedars and Cedars's friend

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    The Searcher

    Thank you to all who worked so hard to provide us with this PDF.

    Page 15, par. 10 - Blatant lie and a prime example of how the Org is trying to re-write its history and wipe out everything which shows it up as making false predictions: "although our brothers of that era did not grasp the full significance of that marked year....." The Bible Students knew exactly what was going to happen that year, because Russell had convinced them with his weird & wonderful sermons and literature for the previous 30 years - Armageddon, the end of the world, and the rapture, because Christ had been ruling since 1874!! That's the truth, and the liars in Brooklyn will have to answer for imitating the father of the lie! If I stated this historical and provable fact openly to other Witnesses, I would be stoned to death - because it exposes those who demand loyalty and unity, even in falsehoods, as liars! (Rev. 2:2; 21:8)

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    Read page 50. Its talks about 1874.

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    Thanks everyone!

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    Thank you

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