Freaking delusional mariage mates..

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    Yeah...GREAT, EXCITING, EPIC!!! Sisters in my hall are comiserating by having "ladies night", and getting drinks. What AWESOME thing have the concocted for the greatest campaign in human history ( August )??? They are sewing colorful tract holders for field circus. God be praised!!!


  • SuperBoy

    Sounds like she's queueing you up to be used in an 'experience' on the platform or WT article.

    Persevering during opposition" or something.

    I understand this post isn't helping. ;-)

  • MissFit

    Crazy guy: Maybe she wanted to turn it into a mini vacation .

    Is there something special or fun you can do together?

  • tim hooper
    tim hooper

    Ah - I remember the good old days when witnesses would canvass the neighbourhood residents for B & B rooms. A lot of folk found the extra money useful. We would knock on the door, say we had an assembly coming up and would they like some extra money to put up a couple of clean-living witnesses? I stayed in a few places like that when the Twickenham assemblies came around.

  • Watkins

    You might be more effective in getting her to listen to you if you appeal to her sensibilities(yes, she has them, they're just buried under tons of wt brain controls). For instance - instead of saying "That's freakin' CRAZY! You're freakin' delusional and the wt 's freakin' CRAZY!" - you might try, "Honey, let's talk about this - does it really make sense, since we live so close, to spend extra money on motel rooms when you can easily drive the distance every day?"

    You catch more flies with sugar than with vinegar! Just sayin'...



    If your spouse is like mine, I doesn't matter what you say. EVERYTHING is turned around on you. Sounds like she worships the ORG and the GB. UNTIL she sees the man behind the curtain, the spell remains.



    Also, it's frustrating to work you ass off and have your spouse just piss it away and give it to the BORG.

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