Waiting on jehovah ... and the Governing Body

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  • Focus

    Let's all be grateful for Goobergawd then, and lets hope he harvests the legalistic Seven Spiritual-Pedophiles very soon...

    Unless it was one of the other Spiritual-Pimps, I think it was W. Lloyd Barry who was, in 1999, delivering his usual speech, "Fighters Against God Shall Not Prevail" (i.e., usual braindead jW gangreneous and cancerous collection of lies and threats), when... just upon finishing at the podium... he clutched at his chest with a cry and collapsed.

    He was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

    If I wasn't a hardcore atheist... lol... I'd have said Goobergawd had responded.

    Personally, I think it is a waste of a Governing Body Member death. Far better when they die this way:




    ("Vengeance shall be mine" Class)

  • eyeuse2badub

    I wonder why the rank and file jw's are constantly urgedto 'wait on jehober' but the gb feels no need to 'wait on jehober'? If the gb would just 'wait on jehober' there would be no need for 'nu-lite' every few years to explain away the 'old lite' that jehober had given them previously. Either jehober is lying to them to begin with, or they didn't really hear what he said, or ???????????????????????????

    just saying!


  • LV101

    I recall one of the gawd's governing body goons dying on stage and pretty sure Farkel commented about - loved his posts. It may have been in beautiful Hawaii.

  • villagegirl

    Why do you guys always link God with these idiots?

    You have real reasons to expose this ridiculous and arrogant

    group of un-appointed (except by themselves) group of Popes.

    I am on your side. Aren't we in this together ?

    Your hatred for the governing body then turns into hatred

    for God or any idea of higher intelligence in the universe, and

    then you turn on anyone who believes in God ?

    How did I get to be the brunt of an attack for believing?

    My life was just as effected as any atheist here, believe me.

    I am asking you to keeep the attacks focused on the real villians.

    And think about people trying to escape this cult.

    Not everyone goes from being an Elder to being an atheist.

    Gays are protected here. Why not believers ?

    Aren't we allowed to think freely and have our own

    ideas about how this universe works?

    What if you are doing more harm than good ?

    Do you care about driving people back to these

    these fear mongers, you play right into their hands

    when you attack God and call Christians or anyone

    who has successfully separated themselves from this cult

    and still believes in God, then you call them "dumb asses" ?

    Again , people who believe in God are not the "problem"

    this site is supposed to be dealing with.

    Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses.net , helping people to get free

    and helping them to get their families free it seems to me

    should be our concern.

  • Focus

    villagegirl, you have a point.

    I, for one, am careful to usually specify:

    jehovah (lower case)

    jEHOVAH (emphasized lower case!)




    or similar, as I don't want to give offence to theists in general, and I want to target my attacks on the filthy, malevolent, insane deity created by the jWs.

    While I am an atheist, in general I have no beef with those who choose to believe in god(s), as long as they remember that their freedom to wave their arms wildly around them when preaching ends precisely and exactly where my nose begins.

    My attitude towards highly-damaging religions like the Watchtowercult and its supporters and enablers is hard-line.

    Other theists, leave me alone, and I'll leave you alone.

    WTS and jWs (especially leaders) - I'm coming after you. There is no place for you to hide.

    I hope this is an effective summary of my position.

    As to approach:

    Some go to treat the symptoms and effects. Good for them. That work is much needed.

    But I go for the jugular - the very source of the foul disease that masquerades as a "religion".



    ("Anti-Goobergawd" Class)

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