Watchtowers God cannot see very far into the future.

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  • Jeannette

    He wanted all his people to be window washers, toilet bowl cleaners, floor moppers, minimum wage workers, not get an education to get higher paying jobs and have some security, and now this country is being flooded by plenty of workers that will do minimum wage jobs. Kind of leaves us begging. Why didn't he see this coming and encourage us to get educated while we had the chance.

  • Crazyguy

    Well remember it was the 'creators promise that the generation of 1914 (those born in 1900) would not pass away until the end came' So how were we or god to know that he was going to change his mind just to screw with jesus.

  • Heartofaboy
  • Jeannette

    "Just to screw with Jesus"----hahaha I was wondering why.

  • Focus

    What "Watchtower gOD" would that be, then? There's no room for his sort in the organization.

    Here, look at the Official Organizational Chart and try to find Jehooover:

    Oh, he is in there somewhere in the middle.

    If you're looking for Jesus, he's there too... Above the "Former Jehovah's Witnesses". But only just. See "Pigs covered with excrement".

    (This chart seems to have been inspired by my own List of 100 Watchtower Ranks - whoever took that inspiration, well done!)



    ("Jesus" Class)

  • Jeannette

    Yes, well done.

  • villagegirl

    Focus - except you placed Jehovah way too far up.

    And women in general even if they are bossy have

    no real authority and don't actually exist, much like

    God to Cofty.

  • Strangelove

    Ugh... I admit I do not care for the inscessent reminders of how poor the quality of my life may turn out because of this. Being conditioned since five years old that Higher Education was wrong, satanic, free spirited and represented an independent attitude. Being told any of those things are wrong in the first place has damaged me and countless others. I was never mentally prepared for any of this... And only now do I dare consider College, and am terrified. That's even if I was accepted. I have no money for it, not with my job. Family obviously never considered saving for it for obvious reasoning.

    I don't like feeling sorry for myself, but I am constantly reminded every day just how bad this Orginization screwed me over. Trying to surpress my ambition. Again, not to mention over and over the many others in the same boat. Movies force feed you that 'Dreams' are important. The Borg has a different view on dreams. So growing up, there was constant mixed messages. I truly feel bad for any who stayed in 60+ Years. They really had their hopes and aspirations crushed and taken away before their eyes by an Org that has shown on a consistant basis, it has no love or care for them. Hmf. What a fucking mess it truly is.

    @Focus: I would laugh at your chart, but the reality of how brutally honest it is, prevents me from doing so.

  • Magnum

    Strangelove, I and my wife are constantly reminded every day, too.

    I was never mentally prepared for any of this.

    We weren't prepared, either - mentally or physically or financially or ...

  • Magnum

    Jeannette: Watchtowers God cannot see very far into the future

    And the faithful and discreet slave ain't so discreet. They told younger JWs way back in the 1960's that they wouldn't grow old in this system, wouldn't have to worry about careers in this system, etc.

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