Very young baptized in new brochure

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  • LisaRose

    They may not encourage super young baptism, under 12, but they shouldn't even allow it. And they do pressure any older than that, if not the parents, then the elders or the other young ones. A 16 year old doesn't yet know what they want in life, they are simply caving in to pressure from parents or friends. Then, when they get older and realize that's not what they want in life, too late, they face shunning by parents and friends. It's not an accident that this happens, it's by design.

  • smiddy

    Its all about control , the younger they get them the less likely they will leave later in life when they realise their family and freinds will shun them for the rest of their life.


  • zeb

    I recall seeing a little girl about 9 being baptised.

  • stuckinarut2

    Not old enough to vote

    Not old enough to smoke

    Not old enough to have sex

    Not old enough to choose elective surgery

    Not old enough to get a tattoo

    Not old enough to get a piercing

    Not old enough to drive a vehicle

    Not old enough to choose to leave school

    Not old enough to be legally employed

    Not old enough to join the military

    Not old enough to do any of these things if they want, BUT old enough to make a permanent life long choice to join a religious group??

    Come on! When will the legislators in our governments call this for what it is! Child manipulation and abuse!

  • QuestioningEverything

    My nephew --9 1/2 yrs old- was baptised at the Ford Field this past June. It's disgusting!

  • BU2B

    I was that little boy. I was dipped into a similiar pool at a similiar age, not knowing anything about the generation doctrine, blood issue, Mexico/Malawi, UN, lies and quotes out of context, that the flood of Noahs day was impossible, that humans have been proveen to have been on the earth far more than 6000 years and on and on I could go. I was baptized in ignorance, and now at 26 and with the light of truth and having both sides of the story will pay a dear price for a decision I made in ignorance at age 12. My parents will shun me If I say I dont believe that Jesus selected the WT in 1919 as his organization, all because I got dipped under the water as a pre-teen. This is monstrously hideous and loathsome to my soul.

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