Local Needs 07/08/2014

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  • piztjw

    I don't know whether I should laugh, or run screaming into the night.

    Tonights "local needs" was titled "Are You Following 'The Slave' "?

    The theme scripture was 1 Peter 2: 21. It was applied that by following Jesus steps closely we would then be able to keep up with 'The Slave'. Now I don't know about others, but if I were to follow one person and that meant to keep up with someone else, it would mean that the person I was following was following the other person. As in following Christ to keep up with 'The Slave' would imply, to me, that Christ follows 'The Slave'.

    I guess the GB has been officially elevated to second place in 'the kingdom"?

    Four main points were stressed locally.

    1. We can't follow 'The Slave' if we are not using technology to show people videos on jw.(b)org in the recruiting work to start "Bible" studies. I'll be hanged if I am going to run out and buy all sorts of electronic gadgets and phones just to keep seven elite JW's in New York happified while I do my token service to keep family off my ass!

    2. The congregation took in over 1,200.00 less in June than was spent. You brothers need to keep up your commitments for "voluntary" donations, even IF you had to pay through the nose for the RC, and green handshakes for the CO last month!

    3. The congregation has most of what is needed to stream the branch visit...except for the big screen and the projector. But everything else has been bought. The problem is that the nearly 1,000.00 brand new desktop PC that was forced down your throats three months ago with the sales pitch that it was all that was needed is not capable of connecting to the big screen and projector. So now you get to buy a brand new laptop, and anyone who wants the PC can buy it. I am sure it will disappear just like so much other electronic hardware over the last few years that always seems to show up in the home of the elder who pushes for the new gadgets.

    4. Are you aware brothers that all our wonderful publications that 'The Slave' has lovongly provided can be downloaded? Keeping up with 'The Slave' is easier if you brothers download all your publications off jw.(b)org. That way 'The Slave' will have more funds for the preaching work.

    A final comment was made about the "historic" month of August with the promotion of a web site, and how people have been "conditioned to accept invititations and tracts". I know it will be historic for me, because it will be the very last August in 2014.

  • TableForOne

    Do both.

    Laugh... while running screaming into the night.

    Being a local needs, this outline did not even come from the GB.

    Yet, through decades of mind control, the elders instinctively spew out their own guilt-inducing items and then the congregation lap it up.

    Critical thinking is forbidden in every KH around the world.

    However, blind obedience to every word from the WTBTS, and the from platform, earns Jehovah's approval.

    It's a strange world .

  • daringhart13

    It is surreal to see them pushing technology down everyone's throat......bizarre to read that.

    Nevertheless, they all sit their nodding their heads.

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    I bet the fb has put out a directive for all congs to hammer the technology thing in local needs parts. I feel for the poor old people on fixed incomes who have no clue about technology and no way to buy it. Some of them have never even had a pc.

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    *gb not fb.

  • Ocean1111

    Statistical lies is a Bethel art form, so no one can trust anything from those expert racketeers, everything is for control and profit, guised beneath "smooth word" (Dan11:32a) Bethel presumptions all accepted by JWs as if from Baal himself. Thus aside from the blatant idolatry the "org" has now become, many other red flags flap away.

    One of them is the pathetic JW actual growth rate. And this has to do with the transformation of "the opposition" to JWs that are no longer "theological" in ammunition, but are armed with Bethel's own record of lawlessness. Most have not come to understand Bethel scandals and UN NGO, pedophile protection, shunning and so forth are now the main subject matter to establish Bethel's hypocrisy. And the Web is where that Bethel fed stumbling is deployed.

    Thus rather than tell JWs in 1997 to enter the largest "field" to ever open in all human history, Bethel aided the Web field stumbling content to now STUMBLE probably at least four times more people than "come into the truth" from the Web. The Web is Bethel's stumbling field in the multi-millions of people now.

    And now they act as if JWs are taking advantage of the Web? It is too little too late, the stumbling has probably taken down 10 million potential JWs and another 10 million who plainly know the org is now a man following cult. Now they are selling electronics for their globalist pals at Bethel, and acting like they are "cutting edge", but in fact the JW growth rate and ministry could not be more dead in reality, spiritually and literally.

    It has all the earmarks of an organized deception operation, no one except JWs could simply accept all these anomalies while in reality the JW growth contracts, and JWs are now the lowest retention rate of ALL religions on earth. Only atheists defect in greater numbers than JWs.

    Bethel has done all they can to keep JWs OFF the Web for the last 15 years, so now the purpose is just a smokescreen and commercially motivated directive for the Bethel insiders and their external cronies to whom they will also give the JW billions in assets when "the attack of the Assyrian" comes as expected, but not for the reasons and "prophecy fulfilling brothers!" that JWs are hypnotized to perceive. JWs are under an expert delusion with multi-billions in eventual pay off. JWs expect "the ministry to be called off", and it will be called off by Bethel's own mouth.

    Everything that is coming on the JW org is already in the menu of the JW "self fulfilling prophecy". It is merely hidden under a veneer of diversions as if "prophecy is fulfilling brothers!". Yeah, Bethel apostate prophecy, not the ones JWs will be thinking are in fulfillment. In this way JWs will be bewildered for years when Bethel "ends any day now", not the world system overall. The Bethel operation is a big dollar classic confidence game.

  • punkofnice

    Did they mention that the R&F should give money? Wow. That's new.

    ............................sarcasm intended.

    Yes. Follow the slave and protect paedophiles. Give your money so that paedophiles in the congregations can cosseted away from the law. After all, the Governing Body sympathise and know what a difficult time perverts have from first hand experience....and why aren't MORE perverts promoted to elder? Shame on you R&F!!

    Rant over.

    ........for now. Gawd I loathe the GB.

  • baldeagle

    How totally naïve this GB has become. Their obsession with their website has taken me truly by surprise. Years ago the CO’s were telling us (elders/ms) of the incredible immeasurable damage the internet was having on congregation members. He would remind us of the many faithful longtime elders that had abandoned their families by simply stumbling upon chatrooms and hooking up with someone else. Every visit he would tell us of the huge number of elders and servants deleted by viewing internet pornography. He even told a room of approx. 20 men that if we were viewing pornography, we should do the right & honorable thing confess and step down. Really how do these guys think this will play out?

    Get millions of JW’s and their teenage children all surfing the Web and this will not have a happy ending for the WTS. All the information and incredibly foolish statements made over the last 100+ years is so readily available 24 hours a day. You can access it in the privacy of your own home, car, park, coffee shop, anywhere!! The flow of information has always been tightly guarded, locked down and essentially unavailable. Not anymore!!!

    The internet is the electronic; “Wild Wild West” and JW’s are a curious bunch.

    We’ve come a long way since this August 15, 2011 Watchtower.

    The WTS has gone “all in” regarding the “evil” Internet.

  • joe134cd

    It's funny I remember some years ago been told off for taking a print out of the bible, when I gave a bible reading on the TMS. Now it's almost justified.

  • James Jackson
    James Jackson

    At the Atlanta International Convention, Bro Splane (GB Member), explained that Jehovah's people have always been at the forefront of technology; starting with the first in history to make a talking with color motion picture (1914 Photo Drama of Creation), then one the first to broadcast on the radio, then developing the MEPS system, and now a state of the art website.

    "Jehovah's Chariotlike Organization is always on the move, we need to stay in step with it!"

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