Writing campaign to Washington DC papers in view of International Convention

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  • villagegirl

    I would suggest, in order to eliminate material that

    would make apostates appear like disgruntled, mentally

    unbalanced and ignorant, that the letters be submitted

    to an editor that would glean out the crazies among us;

    the raving God haters and the Christian bashers since

    that kind of thing tends not to be credible or well received

    and perceived as similar to ex-employees showing up

    heavily armed and having to be hauled away by police.

    Another option, as is often used in petitions, is to write

    one brilliant letter and have thousands of people sign and

    endorse it. Be careful who your spokesman is, since much

    of what appears on this site plays into the propaganda of

    the Wachtower spin machine.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I wonder if we could ask for coverage of a divergent view. Once upon a time, I had a manual detailing the rules. It should be polished. My rage is too high.

  • Londo111

    "Coverage of a divergent view"...I like that! If you find the rules, that would be great.

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  • problemaddict

    I'm down.

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  • KiddingMe

    Just trying to get some thoughts and ideas flowing. Searched the washingtonpost.com to get an idea of the kinds of recent stories mentioning Jehovah's Witnesses.

    there's a few in re to the hobby lobby case. (Not touching those)

    Here's a book review (not specifically about JWs but mentions it and religion):


    this story talks about communal living but the JW moves out when halloween decorations are put up.


    This story is over a year old but interesting. Maybe this columnist would be open to something.


  • Defianttruth

    Every stadium is owned my three groups. Universities, private groups, or government agencies. It would be so easy to call say Mercedes and ask them why the Super Dome in New Orleans supports people who openly cast aspersions and ritualistly shun homosexuals. Call their PR groups and ask them if they will go on record as to if they support this kind of activity or not. Here is the truth. In the open, they will not say anything. In truth, they have no control over who uses the convention centers. They are only the sponsers of the venues, but in a back room somewhere a German business man will ask the city please do not use these people anymore. We do not wish our name to be associated with a cult.

    I called a University a few years ago. I asked if Dr. Defiant could speak to the Pres. of the University. I told him my back story of how I was punished by the cult for getting a higher education. He told me JW's do not stop their members from going to college. I asked him for his email. I sent from JW.org every article on higher education for him to read. A few hours later, he called me back and apologized for the misunderstanding and said he would look into the JW's use of his facilities.

    The wonderful thing about this situtation is that the JW's hang themselves in the court of public opinion with their own literature.

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