Convention Hotel "list"- Free rooms for JW/WT "dignitaries"?

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  • neverendingjourney

    I can verify, though, that the org rents out some of those rooms to convention attendees who need them (didn't make reservations, etc.). I have personally seen the checks. So the org makes money on the hotel deals.

    Thanks for sharing your inside perspective.

    That was kind of my point. They could choose to use their leverage to negotiate better rates for their members. Instead, they use it as a way to make money and the process is not a transparent one.

  • Magnum

    Sir82, I appreciate your spirit of honesty and fairness. I don't know about the dist conventions, but one time there was a sister who didn't book a room for a circuit assembly, and those on the list were filled. I booked her one online significantly cheaper and better than the ones on the list. About the same time I heard an uber-elder say something like "I can get a room cheaper online". I realize that circuit assemblies are different in that hotel rates for them (if hotels are even needed at all) aren't negotiated by headquarters.

    I'm curious about the dist conventions (RCs). I might try to do some checking this summer and see whether I can tell how the JW rates compare to the regular rates.

  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    Use only the "Approved Hotels" list when planning your next RC adventure.

    This will ensure that your CO/DO will get enough bonus points to get much-deserved VIP service...

  • jam

    If they book rooms at the Casino's they would get great rates,

    but the bad part no one would show up at the convention

    or it would be a one time deal..LOL

    That would be a funny sight....

  • ducatijoe

    Comp rooms are part of the hotel system. I travel 275 nights a year. My Company gets Comps all the time.

    If some poor family wants to go to a JW Convention... Who cares.

    I would rather go for a long ride on my time off. But if they get a free room... who cares

  • sherah

    My pet-peeve with convention hotel list is that the recommended lodgings are far away from the venue. When I realized that the hotels closer to the venue had the same rates as those on the WT list (and I could use/earn rewards), I stopped waiting for list and reserved my room when the DC dates became known.

  • Bobcat

    After I had started waking up I would always book using a different dicounter, such as ChoiceHotels. I would usually stay in the same hotel as the friends, but at 10 or 12 $ less per night than they were.

    Interestingly, I never made it a secret that I did this and I never received any flack for it. It seemed that as long as I was using the hotel on the list, well, I was "obeying." Fact is, using a different discount was the same as using a hotel not on the list. But no one seemed to figure that out. Occasionally, in my area, they do have a rate that is competitive with what I could get, at a hotel I feel like staying at. But the way I feel now towards them, I'm willing to pay a little extra just to not further their ends.

    For the OP, I the same, I despise the WT's disingeniousness. They are misusing their authority. (2 Pet 2:3) They deserve the contempt they should get.

    By the way, I always make sure to point the friends to the small print disclaimer at the very end of the lodging list that says using any hotel on the list is at the users own risk. I take that disclaimer as permission to not use the list if I so choose.

    This reminds me of an occasion when I was still an elder. A brother confided in me how guilty he felt that he had to use a hotel not on the list due to financial reasons. Often the discount hotels will not offer the WT a reduced rate under the auspices that they already offer a discount rate. Thus, they end up not being on the list. Being on the list is driven by the Society's needs, not ours. I told the brother that he was in charge of his finances (Acts 5:3, 4) and responsible for housing his family (1 Tim 5:8), so not to worry about it. He looked kind of perplexed at me. I think he was expecting some forgiveness for his "sin," rather than be told he did not "sin" at all.


  • Scott77
    So the org makes money on the hotel deals. That part they don't relate in the km articles. In the km, it's all about following instructions so the org will be able to negotiate good rates for all our "dear brothers and sisters". Yes, the org is so concerned about all of us out here. The GB and other higher-ups lose sleep over their concern for our welfare, how they can save us money, etc.



  • RubaDub

    There is another aspect of using the "Approved" rooms.

    If the Society simply negotiated good deals and let brothers use or not use them, it would reduce their clout in other areas, such as Stadium rentals, local rebates, etc.

    When the Society can show the city clearly in black and white that they fill X number of rooms (and the associated restaurants and other services) for each Convention, it makes it much easier to negotiate better terms all around.

    Rub a Dub

  • Magnum

    ducatijoe: Comp rooms are part of the hotel system. I travel 275 nights a year. My Company gets Comps all the time.

    If some poor family wants to go to a JW Convention... Who cares.

    I would rather go for a long ride on my time off. But if they get a free room... who cares

    I don't think poor families are getting free rooms. In every case I've seen, rank and file JWs who got the comp rooms paid for them. The rooms are complimentary to the org; the org doesn't make them complimentary to the rank and file. Maybe in the case of real special needs they do, but I've never seen it. I remember that Special Needs form or whatever it was (or is) called, but I never had to process one, so I'm not sure whether those who were approved got free rooms.

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