Hello and Thank You!

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  • villagegirl

    WHY, did you attend the 2013 RC ? What led to this decision ?

    Oh, I see the post, you want to get your family out? You family will

    believe there is "no place else to go" They believe only

    the WT represents God on earth and is his "organization" ?

    Do they think the "Governing Body" are the "sole channel of communication" ?

    Have your read Crisis of Conscience by Raymond Franz ? Is there a chance

    some family member would read it ? They are still in touch I take it ?

    The new JW org site is glitzy and slick and trying to be as

    appealing as it can be. Many stay in for friendships and "belonging"

    I imagine they will try to convince you, its all changed now.

  • donny

    Welcome to JWN!!! We look forward to your future posts.

    Donny Ray

  • Quarterback

    Welcome, VW

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