BBC Article on Train Station Witnessing

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    Calebs Airplane

    Didn't the Millenial reign of Christ already start on October 2, 1914?

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    Bit of a niche # journorequest but I'd love to talk to a former Jehovah's Witness. Please email [email protected] ASAP if you can help.

  • Laika

    Sophie's request was from 4 days ago, I expect her request was for the purposes of this article, and that she doesn't need an ExJW anymore.


    If you don't counter-witness, don't complain.



    So this is not a change of tactics - inaccurate reporting. It's true that they are outside exits at Oxford street station on a daily basis and placed in tourist spots like Trafalgar Square. However this is not new - I used to do street / station witnessing 20+ years ago along with loads of others in my cong (quite embarrassing due to the low footfall). In other countries like Germany it's been done for decades at shopping centres etc. Whilst it's way more effective than knocking on doors still the huge proportion of field service will be door to door (in percentage terms I'd speculate at high 90's).

    "The Singhs are both cutting back on their paid work away from the movement" - perhaps the reporter should have posed the question whether more benefits would be claimed by the couple. Many JW's will do part time work and claim benefits whilst labelling the tax payers they rely on as greedy lovers of money.


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