BBC Article on Train Station Witnessing

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  • scotinsw

    Can't make link clickable!

    i pass them in London on a daily basis at one of mainline train stations in the City and the only people I've seen talking to them are lost tourists (looking for directions). I've never seen any City professionals talking to them!

  • konceptual99

    Who cares. The dubs on the stand are getting in 2 hours of easy ministry. Happy days.

  • TableForOne

    "The Singhs are both cutting back on their paid work away from the movement in order to be, as Deep states on his WhatsApp mobile messaging profile, "On the Lord's Work!!" from 7am-7pm."

    Please tell me I was never this deluded

  • konceptual99

    The journalist has a request to talk to former dubs on her twitter and repeated on her wordpress page...

    Is suspect it might be in relation to this article but it could be worth getting in touch anyway...

  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy

    It's a shame that this BBC article can't be cross-referenced to the BBC news story last week about former JW elder Mark Sewell's conviction for sex abuse (14 years) and in particular victim Karen Morgan's interview strongly criticising WT procedures.

    That would be an interesting point of discussion with the WT trolley-dollies.

  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy

    I may be being a bit cynical here, but do I detect an 'Andre' (tm) moment in the story about the office worker asking for extra copies of the 'Stress' mag for her colleagues?

    I can just imagine the colleagues' reaction in a busy office when 'Andre' comes in with the announcement 'Don't worry about the stress, guys, here are some JW mags!'.

  • prologos

    quote: "--This trolley work is the final push before the millenium--"? I hope this is saved, to use decades from now, when the end will be just around the corner. again.

  • Laika

    Currently the most read article on the BBC site. The top picture is Oxford circus station, I work near there and have to see the JWs every day, which is very annoying!

    I thought Scott Terry's interview was good.

  • Listener

    If they really wanted to catch the attention of passerby's they would have show bags with mags, pamphlets, a book, a JW org badge, oh and a pen and small notepad. Throwing in a survival pack might grab some attention as well.

    They just aren't sincere. :)

  • UBM101

    What happen to the only "Christian" organization that preach the gospel in a way according to the Bible aka door to door? Jesus never preach/sell WTBS at commuter station s

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