Do you intend to die?

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  • new hope and happiness
    new hope and happiness

    There is a sort of comfort in leaving and returning to this site and seeing how it has grown. I mean we share a little of ourselfs here. And i think we leave words, not that were " probably" right with our words. I mean we grow and express ourselfs and our words remain.

    I bought the film " Bullitt" with Steve Mcqueen today, and the image of masculinity is eternal but Mcqueen is dead.Now i never belived that charactor existed but by watching that film i realised that our true nature is " spirit" and that we are eternally bound by " communication" .

    Do you see my point?

    I mean here we are concerned with a petty religion not the arms industry.

    But most posters here accept death as a finality and tomorrow cancer can hit or senceless tragity kill you or me.

    Death...many scared people have come to this site and survived.( many havn't) but Simon has given the platform and this site has tranformed and saved lifes.( amazing what a defunctional community can do against a totalitarian religion)

    i intend to die of old age but i rscaped from the W.T. Partly because this site has demystified the camraderie that " exists" in the W.T, but mainly because posters were able to express themselfs.

    I dont know what death is but as long as i have air to breath i want to live...and living is saying whats in your heart.

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