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  • StAnn

    Rebel8, I'm a little dense, so I hope that was sarcasm.

    Gorby, reading CoC really sealed the deal for me. Her anger will be at the WTBTS, not you. Don't you dare keep her from reading it! I assume she is an intelligent woman who can think for herself at this point post-JW.


  • villagegirl

    I am still trying to get my head around a marriage

    where the wife has to "ask permission" to read books.

    1 Samuel 25:25New English Translation (NET Bible)

    ( Abigail speaking to David, about her husband Nabal )

    25 My lord should not pay attention to this wicked man Nabal.

    He simply lives up to his name! His name means ‘fool,’

    and he is indeed foolish!

  • Gorbatchov

    Thanks for all your advise. Even for call me a dictator. That's not who I am.

    The dilemma started when I remembered my own great pain and hurt feelings when every DNA part in my body after 4 generations JW got protesting.

    It's just the point I want to see it from more viewpoints instead of making a one dimensional discission.

    That's not bad isn't it.

    I'm a 43 year old European husband so don't call me being a dictator. I'm for maximum equality,

    realizing the woman is the most beautifull and intelligent part of the universe.

    Just being sensetive before changing someone's life forever.

    (and now I return mourning about my friend Eduard Sjevarnadze.)


  • Ocean1111

    Well in one element of the CoC book, everyone should know the Governing Body dictatorship was a coup in 1975-1976. People should understand a completely new style of ministerial management took place. There was no "governing body" but a board of directors with ZERO power prior to 1976. People in general should understand the implications of a new "supreme council" and the ability to formulate factional to full control and subversion through such an internal device.

    The statistical proof is the downward spiral that actually starts in 1976. Essentially the GB fixed a wheel that was not broken, and plunged a 1970-1975 13% growth rate to a legendary contraction merely concealed by a 1-2% growth myth backed by more Bethel lies. JWs are now the religion with the worst retention rate of all religions on planet earth. That says something.

    The epicenter of the JW spiritual downfall centers on 1976, and everyone should be aware the GB experiment has failed, and it was an experiment, there is nothing scriptural about that dictatorship other than classic apostasy. Plain and simple the GB is the core JW apostates and disaster is what it will end up bringing to the JW organization, it will in time reap what it has actually been sowing.

    People should be made aware of the cell of corruption that culminates the things coming in the future, so people will know it is not a random occurrence, but a GB ruination that had signals of it's own corruption and downfall, and that downfall is in the JW "self fulfilling prophecy" so JWs can misperceive that as "prophecy fulfilling", but in reality it will be justice coming upon a known criminal racket that has not escaped the attention of the national judiciary authorities. It will be a criminal organization that is being deconstructed, not "the attack of the Assyrian", it will be due for legal reasons when Bethel hits the national fan in time.

    That coming reality has a Bethel "theological" smokescreen to delude JW awareness of reality for a prophecy misapplied to cover Bethel's racketeers and their final coup stage. They even have JWs expecting "the attack", but it will not be for the reasons JWs are deluded to believe. That aids the process, because JWs will aid the operation because they will believe "it is the end of the world brothers!!!!". And it will take years for JWs to awake to reality, they will be totally bewildered when Bethel ends long before the world they expect to end.

    People should understand the root of this development is the "Governing" body, and there is lawless purpose and nice profit in the design. JWs should be pitied because they are the ultimate mark that enriched the con by deception, not their fully knowing willing participation, JWs were gradually duped overall.

  • villagegirl

    Gorbatchov- Let me guess, you are 43 and she is 20 ?

    You are worried, but not for her, for yourself.

    Your are treating her like a child.

    What does being European have to do with it?

    You tell her what she can read and not read ?

    Maybe she is 12 years old? I never heard of such nonsense.

    She can buy her own copy or download it from the Internet.

    Think about this: If you tell her what she can and cannot read,

    then you tell her were she can go and not go ? So she stays at

    home and has no personal life or friends ? No education ?

    She just cleans and waits on you ? You control the money?

    And you give her an "allowance" ?

    And that is supposed to be her life ?

    Waiting for your permission to do this or that ?

    This is 2014, not the 16th century.

    Why is it, men who are the most controlling always

    make speeches about how wonderful women are ?

    What happens if she disobeys ? Do you beat her ?

    Are you afraid she will find out that the Watchtower rules

    about women as second class citizens and treating them

    as if they are your "property", is cult behavior.??

    You do not own your wife.

    You do not own your children either.

    They get to choose their own destiny and adults

    decide for themselves what they read.

    Grow up. And stop this ridiculous controlling behavior.

    Women and slaves have been set free and liberated,

    maybe you didn't get the memo ?

    I'm for maximum equality, Gorby

    Please, maximum equality ? Then why is she asking for

    your "permission" to read Crisis of Conscience ?

    Why woud this "equal" have to ask your permission

    to read a book in her own home ? You are lying.

  • Aunt Fancy
    Aunt Fancy

    If your wife asked for the book then you should give it to her. Most of us have read it and although it is very upsetting we are strong and for most of us it has helped with the healing process. I can't imagine she isn't strong enough to handle it since she left a few years ago.

  • Fernando

    Hey Gorbatchov!

    Personally I think reading ISoCF first may soften the blow.

    Maybe you could suggest your wife read the article on "legalism" in the wt library first, and ask then her opinion?

    It reads like a summary of ISoCF.

    Maybe you could also ask your wife her thoughts on:

    "Is legalism apostasy?"

    "What is the opposite of legalism?"

  • pbrow


    Wait.... I though all women needed to get permission from their husbands to read!!!!! What is this world coming to ! !

    Seriously though...

    gorby..... just a suggestion... Start her off w/ only the first chapter. If she is already semi-awake, I think the first chapter will be extremely comforting to know that he went through the struggle while writing the book, the same as her.


  • Gorbatchov

    Great to see Villagegirl reaction. It look likes she is biased and my post seems a red button for her.

    Villagegirl please grow up and learn to read. And don't do the woman - man thing.

    My wife is independent in thinking and does what she wants.

    I just wanted to learn from the opinions here and the experiences.

    I want to avoid damage in my family.


  • villagegirl

    Gobatchove- If what you claim were true - your wife would just

    pick up the books and read them - why is she "asking permission"

    and who gave you the power to "forbid" or "allow" ?

    What specific "damage in your family" can occur by education

    and information that is true ? You make no sense.

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