At RC, Splane says 1000+ new KH's needed, last year only "60" new one's built.

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    When Jesus looked at the crowds, he looked at what was available to provide for interested ones, fish, and bread in baskets.

    Splane looks at new bldgs that are needed. So pathetic. We have really drifted so far off the course.

  • oppostate

    Good question Blondie.

    In the New England (MA) area a little twitty CO by the name of Scotty Henry had instructions to merge as many local congregations as possible.

    All around the District there were congregations that had split into two the last decade that were now being merged once again.

    And those that were merged and asked to go to another KH were asked to help expand and renovate their new assigned Hall, and their old one sold, KH and land, the money from the sale didn't go to updating the old Hall that now had two merged congregations meeting inside, the money went to the KH building fund so that the old Hall could take out a loan from the Society, back when this happened about seven years ago we were still paying interest on loans from the Society.

    It was quite a scam! And the scam continues.

    Because there are so many KH's that had merged congregations that now the traveling overseers and the RBC'er bigshots are recommending building new KH's. One recent new KH in Leminster MA is the latest one in this new scam. Over in New Hampshire, near Concord, before the KH project was begun a letter was read to all neighbouring congregations in a two hour circuit to help donate towards the building materials. A congregation in Keene with about 60 publishers mostly retired folk, most in their late 60's 70's and 80's (two in their 90's) donated $30,000 toward the building materials. No accounting was ever sent back to the Keene congregation about what was done with all that money says the Secretary, but it was found out that another congregation also in NH had given $15,000, several other NH congregations smaller amounts, and one in Eastern Vermont $8,000 for the same purpose. What did the KH Building Fund put out???

    When the time's up and the money needs to hit the table, the borganization reps of the RBC and the traveling overseers make sure that the local congos get fleeced even more so that Momma WT doesn't have to dish out any of its easily conned contributions.

  • frankiespeakin

    I wonder if the comming tax audit will shed any light on this subject?

  • frankiespeakin

    I just think it is a pity that the WT Corporation's CEOs are such bold faced liars.

    I think all these things he is saying will be used in a court of law against them by clever prosecuting attorney to show a steady stream fraudulent misleading statements said on a regular basis by these clown to get money to pay off molestation lawsuits. With an audit comming and all. I'm thinking big investigations are in the works for these Governing Body clowns. These scammers can't keep on saying bullshit to Conventioners like that and expect to get away with it. I wonder what the auditors will see in the movement of money to pay off all these lawsuits? I don't think they can take money from the Worldwide fund that the congregations give to pay off these big sums of money. I think this will get them in big trouble.

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