Do Beta Blocker side effects ever go away

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  • villagegirl

    Just to clarify, I am NOt giving medical advise. I have to careful to avoid

    giving that impression. I am just relating what cardiologists have told me.

    Rely on experts in the field. Gregor -please research atrial fibrilation.

    I share your fears about Warfarin because it is used as rat poison.

    However - it has an antedote - which is Vitamin K. With warfarin you

    are required to have your blood checked once a week to carefully control

    the levels. The alternative is that extensive studies have shown atrial

    fibrilation causes blood pooling in the heart chambers and puts you

    at extreme risk (5 times greater than normal )for a massive stroke

    that will paralyze you. There are other blood thinners

    that do not require blood monitoring, ask your cardiologist.

    Atrial fibrilation can also be treated with Laser Surgery, which

    is a procedure that is done through an artery monitored by

    a camera and a computer, a laser, that zaps the back wall

    of your heart to stop the faulty electrical signals causing the fibrilation.

    Ask your cardiologist about this. Don't use hocus pocus JW "remedies"

    I have seen a lot of witnesses die because they refused good treatments.

    I am also a cancer survivor of 20 years. I hated the treatment, chemo and

    radiation, but others I knew, who had the same thing, but refused treatment.

    are all dead and I am alive and walking around and living my life 20 years later.

    Treatment can be scary, but the alternative, in serious illness, is death.

    I attended the funeral of a 38 year old mother of four who didn't want

    any "invasive" treatments or "conventional" chemo or radiation, she

    went to Herbalogists and did "Holistic" medicine, and I watched her die.

  • Quarterback

    Thanks, Snare & Racket

  • LisaRose

    I recommend the book, Reverse Heart Disease now, by Dr. Steven Sinatra. He is a cardiologist and has has good success using some alternative therapies, including Coq 10, fish oil and D Ribose. He uses statins in cases of known heart disease, but is against their use when the only risk factor is high cholesterol. My doctors were trying to force me to take them, it just didn't feel right, so I refused. I managed to get my cholesterol down considerably on my own and my new doctor agrees that I should not be on statins.

    I was taking Ribose for something else, but I had side effects and had to stop taking it. It did work very well for my fibro, I am very sorry I had to stop taking it. Some people get intestinal issues with it, unfortunately I was one of them.

  • villagegirl

    Lisa-Rose- Statins are for high cholesterol, blockage in the arteries.

    Not everyone has high blood pressure or high LDL cholesterol.

    People with atrial fibrilation have an "electrical signal" problem,

    not a blood problem or an artery problem. Its not a blood pressure

    issue or a cholesterol issue. Its that the heart gets faulty electric signals.

    Example: I have low blood pressure and low LDL cholesterol

    and atrial fibrilation, because of faulty electrical signals.

    It is common for JW's to go to "alternative" treatments,

    which means, any uneducated person with a course in

    "nutrition" working as a "practioner" can be the source

    for advice on what "supplements to take for everything

    from cancer to heart disease.

    These so called "Holistic" healers are usually women

    who never went to university and decide in their middle age

    to become "healers" and consult herb books like horoscopes

    and consult on energy fields and hocu pocus cures for everything

    and say things like, "They" (refering to medical doctors with

    12 years of university training) "They" don't

    want you to know this stuff I know. "

    it's good to have high levels of HDL ("good") cholesterol.

    HDL cholesterol prevents plaque buildup in the arteries

    by transporting the bad (LDL) cholesterol out of the blood to the liver.

    There, it is eliminated from the body. Ribose is a kind of sugar

    that is produced by the body. It is used as a medicine.

  • LisaRose

    That's the point of the book, that cholesterol, in of itself is not the problem, there are a lot of other things to consider. I do know that atrial fibrillation is different than blocked arteries, however I recommend this book for anyone with any heart issues.

    You are so right about the JWs falling for the latest fad cure. My sister has this fixation, she thinks she has late stage Lyme disease, but she basically fired her doctor, so who knows what is wrong? It could very well be that, but she was seeing some quack JW, no medical training whatsoever, he has some sort of device. She knows I am a skeptic, so doesn't talk to me about it any more, plus she is mostly shunning me now. I am worried about her, but she thinks she knows more than any doctor, so there is not much I can do.

    But in the case of statins, it is only recently that they started recommending them for high cholesterol alone. I do think the pharmaceutical industry does not always have your best interests at heart, and they are making millions because of this change, so I am suspicious. The book I recommended is written by a cardiologist, he is not some quack. He believes statins save lives when there is known heart disease and he uses it on his patients, but he believes giving them for high cholesterol alone is foolhardy and an unproven use.

    I do believe you should follow your doctor's advice, but there are cases where the medical community does not agree, or where the the therapy is not as well proven, at the end of the day it's your body. I have had a few bad experiences with drugs that did more harm than good, and saw how the drug companies downplayed the risks and exaggerated the benefits, doctors are not immune from from falling for this type of misinformation.

  • Roberta804

    I'm not a doctor, but I was on Beta blockers before, gained some 50 pounds, out of breath most of the time just walking; not from the weight, from the Beta Blockers. My blood pressure would bottom out at night also if I had to get up for some reason, so afraid Iwas going to pass out many a time. Then I was put on a different blood pressure meds.... lost the weight and was doing much better, but still had the dizziness and frequent electrolite imbalance. Then I found Mary Jane, yes, marijuana. I toke just before bed a nice indica, not much, just 4-5 bong hits. I sleep very well and my blood pressure stays at a normal level for the activitiy I am doing at the time. Marijuana is a natural dialator for your entire body. All my viens dialate so my BP goes down, my eyes dialate; my pupils dialate, my restless legs is GONE! Aches and pains are still there, but I can work and play though them. The best part is that is slows me down mentally. When I want to rest with the family at the end of the day, I can, instead of constantly making myself keep busy. If I have a headache a old fashion toke on the bong and it is gone!

    Great for ex-JW stresses, and even if you are still one foot in and one foot out, you can tolerate it a bit more because you just don't give a damn what other people think and you can concentrate on how YOU FEEL.

    I voted against it in 2008 because I had not done any research on the TRUTH (no pun intended) of this wonder plant. It took me two years to turn my views around and now I can see all the great uses for it; medical and otherwise.

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