If you were God, how would you rule?

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  • Terry

    Easy peasey.

    Anybody who "sins" experiences such physical pain they'd never want to do it again.

    See how quickly the problem goes away?

  • Legacy


    I would have given Adam & Eve another chance...or maybe given them a period of probation, something like that. Or better yet, I would have not blamed everybody for the fault of 2 people.

    Seriously....Give every human what then need, not want..then give them peace of mind....it should all come together after that....

    But the main thing is to give the characteristic to all humans....unconditional love of one another...that's a start.


  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    Every Friday would be "Bermuda shorts and flip-flops day" in heaven.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Put a lot of thought into your every decision humans, because if you hurt the environment or any of the other creatures, including other humans, I've got this other planet I'm going to zap you to, called Earth, where they do whatever the hell they want.

  • What is Truth?
    What is Truth?

    Awesome posts everyone, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • Focus

    If I was God, the shame at what I've done and allowed to be done in my name would cause me to destroy myself immediately.

    After all, I can do anything,



    ("gawd" Class)

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