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  • Pterist
  • Pterist

    Any truth in this special announcement ?


    My mother gave me a phone call tonight excitedly asking me if I went to the Thursday night meeting? I answered No because I was taking care of a few things. Then she said they came out with a special announcement.

    Well...I just kinda yawned and said "Oh?"

    With disbelief she said: "They are getting rid of the meetings ."

    I sat there dumbfounded waiting for the punch line of some stupid joke. But my mother is a big boned black woman....she dont play.

    I said...what in the world are you talking about???

    she said: "Yep....they are getting rid of them all except for sundays"

    She explained a little more saying that they had emphasised the importance of "Family study" therefore they are dropping everything except for the sunday meetings.

    You folks know me....I dont make jokes on this forum even though some people may take me as one.

    My mother is a "no nonsence" kinda a woman with zero humor.

    but I still need confirmation .....has anyone heard of this? If it is so...I expected to spread like wildfire.

    The climate within the watchtower is certainly changing.

  • jam

    very informative...

  • Londo111

    I highly doubt it.

    I could see the congergation Book Study (er, "Bible" study) being eliminated.

    Maybe in the next ten years this will be a reality. With the new backdoor tithing arrangements, they might not need so many meetings.

  • Crazyguy

    I don't believe it, they won't be able to brain wash people if there not at the meetings.

  • skeeter1

    I think this would be a great idea for the Watchtower. Most JWs don't like goign to the meetings, but want to remain JWs because they beleive it will lead to eternal life. It will allow those who are still in the ability to make staying in easier. The hard core stuff/field study can be held before the 'going door to door' meetup.

  • Magnum

    Wow! That would be something if it were true. Maybe somebody just said something about eliminating one of the two meetings during the CO visit and she misunderstood. I agree with Londo111 - could happen within the next ten years. I think they're going more mainstream - relaxing the stressful schedule. They realize that to keep members and maybe attract new ones, they can't make life as a JW difficult - not the way it used to be. They kept us busy and stressed out. When we thought the end was coming any minute, they had us in emergency mode. Now that they've cried wolf so many times, they realize they can't do that anymore. JWdom is becoming easier, more social, more lax, more about entertainment, etc.

  • earthfire


  • jam

    The new donation arrangement may have something to do with

    it. If you don't work no donations, they need time to make

    money to give to Mother.

  • OneEyedJack

    She is confused. Like mentioned above, they are getting rid of one meeting night when the CO comes, mostly because the halls are so packed that it screws up everyone else when one hall has the CO visit.

    Don't expect the weeknight meetings to end anytime soon.

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