Focus reveals to you... God's Plan. Complete with Pile of "Rubbish" (literally)

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  • Focus

    Scroll down SLOWLY (spoiler space below) so that the great God's Plan is only progressively revealed to you:

    Now, I ask you in all honesty - what could be clearer than the above?

    God's Plan clearly jumps out of the illustration, doesn't it?

    Right down to the pile of "Rubbish" (chips of ancient builders), fittingly on the right to the lower part of the pyramid, and of course the Ventilators, and the entrance passage carefully aligned with Alpha Draconis.

    I mean, what clearer exposition could there be of God's Plan for humanity?

    The illustration is from a book written by someone who had become Watchtower founder Charles Taze Russell's closest associates - William E. Van Amburgh . It is on page 157 of "The Way to Paradise," a 1924 publication. Amburgh was so close to Russell that Russell hugely relied on him in the Miracle Wheat cartoon libel lawsuit against the Brooklyn Daily Eagle in 1915, which Russell lost.

    Amburgh was the Secretary-Treasurer of the corporate body (a position he held for almost 70 years) and had been appointed in Russell's will to be primus inter pares in the organization. On Russell's death, he formed a trinity with Rutherford, who he then supported to be the overall boss. And so it happened.

    Their camaraderie grew when they were jointly imprisoned for their anti-war sentiments.

    As a consequence, Rutherford allowed him a lot of leeway, and even freely advertised Amburgh's piece de resistance, "The Way to Paradise", within the Watchtower - something extraordinarily uncommon. It is therefore fair to take its contents as if it were a Watchtower publication, as that is how potential readers and buyers would have viewed it.

    The image above is, indeed, consistent with Russell's own views on God's Plan, set out in Volume 1 of his Studies in the Scriptures - the Divine Plan of the Ages.

    So, whenever you think - "No, the Watchtower can't be even loonier than that", Brother Phookus will produce something to help you comprehend that these wretches were not only weirder than you thought, they're weirder than anyone possibly could think!

    Here's the person who channeled "God's Plan" - the great Watchtowerite, W.E. Van Ambrugh:

    And here's the whole Wild Bunch. recently released from jail serving sentences for sedition at a time of war.

    To call them idiots would be a calumny. Against "idiots", that is.

    Seated 3rd from the left is Van Ambrugh; 4th is Rutherford. Yes, he looks a bit drunk, doesn't he?

    And what's that person in the lower right corner hiding under the chair? Do I see the top of a jeroboam or some other container of booze for Da Judge?



    ("MAD" Class)

  • Focus

    Ah, you thought it was all done? Oh no! Now we move to page 34 of the same book, The Way To Paradise, advertised and distributed by the Watchtower, showing God's Design in the Creation:

    There's really so much nonsense there, I don't know where to begin.

    The most obvious are, what "Ring of Water"?? What's this "Heaven"? What "Windows"? Are they what god relieves himself through?

    Less obvious, at least to those who don't know elementary physics, are these references to centrifugal and centripetal forces, as if they were competing with each other,' in some places one is the bigger, and in other places, the other. Or so Van Amburgh thinks.

    But then perhaps he learned physics from Russell or Rutherford, lol.

    Here, Focus will make this part clear.

    As has been known since the time of Isaac Newton, hundreds of years before this pig-ignorant Watchtowerite pontificated on the subject, it has been known that centripetal and centrifugal force are one and the exact same force.

    Therefore, it is absurd to consider them competing.

    They are merely observed in necessarily different frames of reference. They can never be observed together in the same frame of reference. They are a pair of "pseudo-forces".

    Here, I'll explain.

    Say you are seated facing forward inside a car, and it is travelling - fast - in a clockwise direction. You feel pushed to the left, i.e., radially outwards. You, and the car, are experiencing centrifugal force. It is observed only in the accelerated (here, rotating) frame of reference, which means observation platform - i.e., the car itself. If you weren't semi-fixed to the car, mainly by friction and by the car's own semi-rigid structure, you wouldn't continue moving with the car.

    Now say you are positioned on the ground outside the car. You see the car travelling clockwise. Some force must be preventing it from just continuing in a straight line, as Newton's First Law of Motion dictates it would in the absence of any force. This force is called centripetal force and it is provided by the friction between the tires and the road. It is pushing the car radially inwards, preventing it from continuing in a straight line.

    These two forces have exactly the same magnitude, but act in opposite directions. They aren't action and reaction, because they both act on the same body, the car. They just are observable in different frames of reference - centrifugal in the accelerated one, centripetal in the inertial one.

    Showing what Van Amburgh wrote for different regions "Centrifugal force stronger" and "Centripetal force stronger - Windows of heaven" was utter carp. Idiocy - total lack of comprehension.

    But since his 1924 book was published by the People's Pulpit Association - another one of the Watchtower corporations - it must have been "inspired", right? Which means not only does jehovah-of-the-watchtower know nothing of biology, it clearly is also staggeringly incompetent at physics...

    In fact, it seems as ignorant as its pushers, the Cult of Roofers and Car-Wash boys.



    ("Forces" Class)

  • mauiboy

    "Clear as mud, but it covers the ground, and the confusion makes me head 'goes round".....from an old Harry Belefonte song I rmember hearing as a kid. But then, that summarize most of WT teachings and fully explains all 'New Light"!!

  • Focus

    mauiboy, but

    God is not the author of confusion

    (KJV) so one better sticks with Jamaica Farewell or some other Belafonte classic, as getting giddy in a boat doesn't augur well.


    ("1 Cor. 14:33" Class)

  • prologos

    the geniusses that conceived this picture did not show the north pole up, like every body else, so these bulges should be hotizontal, and the np up.

    The only connection to reality is, -- if they would have shown the moon above or below the equator--, because there ARE permanet TIDAL bulges, through which the earth rotates. [ ~two tides per day ]

    watery 'canopy' above the heavens? as true as the flood, it is a dud.

  • Twitch

    I don't see the Pleides star cluster in there anywhere. I guess that light didn't shine immediately...

  • Focus

    prologos, what could cause the "pinch-ins" along the axis of rotation of the earth, shaped as they are?

    As to your mention of the Moon, I'm pretty sure I read Van Amburgh's Great Teacher, Charles Taze Russell somewhere or other implying that the Moon was above the horizon only or mainly at night, which is deliciously nonsensical.

    Moon position with respect to the horizon is uncorrelated with day / night.

    If Russell were right, it sure would require some "doing" (strings?) - and the effect on tides etc. would be very dramatic, as the Moon would magically always be approximately in opposition to the Sun (i.e., close to the lunar eclipse position).

    It therefore would not wax or wane (much), but then in the Great Photo-Drama of Creation, such trivialities did not concern the Faithful & Discreet Servant.

    For sure, when brains were being given out - except in the matter of cheating and swindling people - the Russellites were at the end of the queue.



    ("Astronomy" Class)

  • prologos

    focus, if you focus on the text they call it a sliced apple, and that fruit is pinched at the stem and the bud.

    the only connection to really would be the magnetic lines, producing the aurorae, but that would be giving those early writers an insight that only could have come from higher up.

    it would be a lucky shot like some isolated bible text that graze scientific truth.

  • Focus

    prologos, lol !

    Given its antiquity, that it is the same apple Eve tempted Adam with seems as likely as any other explanation.

    But then, where's the bite mark?

    Then we can compare it to Adam's dentition.

    His dental records were kept by Dr. Nephilim-the-Elder - oops, I've let out New Light, I was running ahead of Jehovah (as fast as I can, given he's carrying a chainsaw just like his antitype in the TCM classic) - who was the founder of his kind / tribe.

    I feel a new QFR coming on. The question of whether cats are for Christians has grown furballs.



    ("Serious" Class)

  • Focus

    I don't see the Pleides star cluster in there anywhere. I guess that light didn't shine immediately..

    I see you must have learned your astronomy from Russell's Photo-Drama, Twitch! Well done!

    The Seven Sisters (M45) are not a constellation but a cluster, so they are all about the same distance from us, about 400-450 light years. From very early days and then explicitly during the Rutherford era, starting with the infamous Volume VII of the Studies in the Scriptures right through till 1953 the Watchtower taught that God lived there, on Alcyone, the brightest star there (Alcyone is actually a binary, so Jehovah must have got quite confused). Speculation was even published about how much time the angels must spend in commuting to/from there to earth - I kid you not.

    However, α Draconis (Thuban), the brightest star in the huge circumpolar Ptolemaic constellation of the Dragon. From about 4000 to 2000 BC it served as the (northern) pole star and is about 300 light years away. It is closer.

    Therefore, you are wrong.

    The Alpha Draconis light got here first! But its flicker-frequency was wrong, so Alcyone was chosen. Most of the time. Perhaps. Tacking may be needed.

    More thought. The latitude of the Great Pyramid that is shown in Van Amburgh's illustration is almost exactly 30 degrees North. The barely legible annotation to the Draconis line suggests the epoch upon which Van Amburgh focuses is one in which Thuban was the pole star. If so, well, I think he has drawn the elevation about correct. How could that have happened, lol?

    Here's something more about these passages, without the Divine Plan nonsense:



    ("Arcturus" Class)

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