Are we living in the best time in human history, and on the edge at the same time?

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  • Ocean1111

    Take a good look at the 1800s (19th century). Then look at the 1900s (20th century). Now project the same transformational massive changes that took a century and know the 2000s (21st century) will be as different as was the 1900s from the 1800s.

    Except we are at the cusp, the beginning, of a transition utilizing the previous 100 years of technological and system understanding to apply that to the 21st century exponentially. That will change the nature of warfare, finance and human systems governance permanently. We will see the end of the 20th century nation-state sovereign power which was designed from times before the 1800s. (It is really 18th century government) The US government for example is over 200 years old, it is a fossil of the past, created in a context that no longer exists.

    Has the world changed much since that government was established? Yes, it has changed faster and beyond the power of any nation-state government to keep up, they cannot solve their national, much less global, problems. It will not just continue on in even the next ten years as the last ten played out, a turbulence of this transition is already seen forming in the financial limitations of the former currency system - and that global and systemic upon the US Dollar "reserve currency" infusion.

    Thus the transformation will be as global as the US Dollar penetration at least.

    That dual layer of wealth and it's symbolization for trade, commerce and "net worth" in the currency system, will guide the rest of most of the transition where military is not used in direct fashion, but in martial unconventional fashion in the nation-state. (Military means are employed as needed) The wealth system and the debt system are two different systems, and the wealth system is what drives the indebted national body from the "problem" to the globalized "solution" over say 10 years initial transformation when the limits of the current finance system are truly reached. We will know the first major tremor from that coming earthquake, in time it will be globally undeniable.

    This is the unique pinnacle of human development, but that pinnacle is also the edge the world is on.

    At some point the UN will achieve the world "peace and security" it is foretold to reach, and what is also it's own objective, but that takes YEARS to finalize. But this will be a "world peace" according to a NATO uni-polar military domination. No one can supplant a global war potential in NATO at least double that of Russia and China combined. Their military analysts know the real figures and neither of them want to go head to head with global NATO, which is not dependent on the US national base of funding, as we known the US cannot even fund it's basic national needs. Russia and China KNOW Global NATO is independently funded by trillionaire super-corporation hard wealth.

    Global NATO runs off of the secondary wealth pool of funding and hard wealth guaranteeing a war or threat of war (for quick surrender, though unlikely) with Russia and China and all comers because they know they will win, they know it is in prophecy that they will win and achieve world government, and they know the true weapons systems they will use are not of the 20th century model, but it is in the interest of world government to let this final cycle play out. They will win for reasons to define the 21st century power structure, advanced energy weapons from space already over Russia and Chinas head, or capable of being put there very quickly. Russia and China will meet the state of the art "big stick" coming, it is already operational. But it is in the interests of the world planners to play out the 20th century world war model to the full, in my opinion at the end of the cycle is when the truly weird stuff will befall Moscow and Beijing. Space weapons is just one of the possibilities, but obviously it is a key one.

    Russia and Chinese elites already know world government is certain, but must also control their masses in the process, so even world war is in the elite interest in those nations, but most of the globalization of government will be financially driven.

    Expect a period of some years that will see a global tribulation that will resolve (Matt24:29) into UN world government in the end of the cycle (Dan11:45), and that foretold global peace under uni-polar military domination. The whole last 100 years have been ensuring this outcome. The period of mass uncertainty to climax in some major meltdowns will be healed to create the positive effect of world government hopes and claims. And this time it will not be just the UN, it will be a global super-structure of world government as well, about ten years (say 7to 14 years) from the time we know an event or events have kicked off that final cycle in earnest. (Recall WW1, WW2, and Cold War WW3 ALL resolved into a UN presentation, and so will the final cycle, the fourth, and that will be world government for real, the final UN presentation of Daniel 11:45, 8:25, 12:11).

    I say this is in basic concept more than opinion, because when prophecy, history and world government planning all agree on this apex development, it is pretty certain world government is the milestone the human system will indeed reach successfully. It is no guarantee though, as to how things unwind after that period of world government. From that point world government and prophecy no longer agree.

    But don't buy the "end of the world" hype from JWs or the world's authorities and some researchers who are uncertain. By prophecy and world government predominant wealth and resource control, it cannot be a 100% tribulation of pandemonium, it is designed like WW1, WW2, and Cold WW3 to resolve into world government, and their system will get stronger and more powerful in the tribulation guaranteeing they will recover the nations at the end of the cycle into a new "solution". The tribulation merely highlights the nation-state's main "problems" they can no longer solve alone. They will NEED the world government "solution" to recover. And they will get it, and the recovery. (Isa41; 1Thess5:1-3; Dan8:25 "freedom from care").

    So no need to wonder what the next 7 to 14 years hold, it is on track for world government in finance transformation first. (Dan11:42-43). It is not "the end of the world" coming up, it is the beginning of the final cycle and it takes years, and will provide some major hints along the trek to world government (Dan11:42-45), as it plays out over the next decade.

    As far as Bethel, it is they that can "end any day now", not the world system in general. The first milestone is Bethel's meltdown phase and the global tremor of tribulation starting, to complete within three years of initial implosion or intrigues in some yet unknown manner. Bethel is selling that guaranteed downfall to JWs, as "the end of the world" to conceal it all as long as possible from JW awareness. Bethel will end, or at least severely falter, long before world government finalizes. In any event the apostate version of Bethel will pass away first. When it does we can know what are the next milestones to come, and that it takes years to finalize.

    Most JWs will be as bewildered as anyone else when this starts to really unwind. But Bethel can hiss, spit and kick for two years, it cannot just fall over night.

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