Are we living in the best time in human history, and on the edge at the same time?

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  • Fernando

    Personally I believe we are.

    Your thoughts?

    How will it turn out?

    What can/should we do?

  • sparrowdown

    I think every generation thinks that to some degree.

    So how do we know for sure? Only time will tell I guess.

  • Zoos

    It's just a whisper away. We will likely never fulfill any career goals so there's no reason to even go to school.

    Seriously: I listen to the news and things do seem to be at a tipping point. But that same sentiment has been felt by so many generations that I take my own observations with a grain of salt. Using all the turmoil going on in the world to promote the idea that we are so close to the end is about as useful as pointing to all the problems with the Watchtower as evidence that it is about to crumble.

    Everything will just keep plugging along until God tells everyone to get out of the pool - despite our keen observations

  • transhuman68

    Your thoughts?

    Yes we are living in the best time in human history, because 100 years in the past or the future, and we wouldn't be here- other people did and will populate this planet.

    How will it turn out?

    We will all keep getting older and greyer.

    What can/should we do?

    Not much we can do... dye our hair darker, maybe?

  • Fernando
  • prologos

    Edge of time ? Fernando, a very good turn of phrase.

    It is a very thin edge, this life between the past and the future, and a MOVING edge at that, like the crest, front slope of a wave.

    More time - surfers have cought the wave then ever, and have more energy to do great moves.

    Rumors that the movement through time will end soon are just that; -- so:

    enjoy the ride and pass it one to the next overlapping generations s s s.

    the endless summer.

  • John_Mann

    Technological Singularity.

    With the TS I think humans will always be around (in some way) but they will not be the smartest guys around.

  • Focus

    The premise of this thread is true.

    Here's how I'd put it:

    We have the knowledge with which we can do enormous things, including utterly destroying ourselves.

    We lack the wisdom as to how to apply it.

    This has never before been as true.

    Additionally, the old Dalai Lama is on the money, as usual. Now there's a man for you.



    ("Critical Times" Class)

  • prologos

    Yes, it is the best of times for all humans, we could even destroy our means of support, the liveable conditions on the planet, but will that put a limit on time?

  • prologos

    ask the adventurers, surfers, aerobatic pilots, longboarders, -- if you dont live on the edge, you do not live. If you think that time has an OUTER edge, you think like the sailors of C. Colimbus's flotilla, they were afraid to go over the edge of the world.

    Time has no edge. it stretches endlessly backward and forward, spacetime curls backward into the ' big bang ' singularity, but that is space for you, expanding as we travel through time.

    If you think we live in the end-times,

    now wonder you are edgy.

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