Confidential News from Spain from an "Insider"

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  • Oubliette

    fulano: No it has to do with seniority, nothing with so called importance. 15 years Bethel or missionary, they Will Hardly ask you to leave.

    Wait a second. It's well documented that many long-time Bethelites have been "reassigned to the field," aka sent out to pasture on their own!

    I knew a retired CO and his wife well, I lived with them for a year. They got a teeny-tiny pension that did NOT include any health benefits. They both died "waiting on Jehovah."

  • new hope and happiness
    new hope and happiness

    fulono:-does what you read in the missinary book, make it right, even if you have seen it in practice?

  • Vidiot

    It's stories like the ones linked to in the OP that convince me that the decision-makers in the WT heirarchy really are True Believers expecting the Big A to come and bail them out any day now.

    Any other organization would take into account the inevitable future blowback brought about by stoopid-ass decisions like these.

  • frankiespeakin

    I think it is only reasonable to expect the only "True Christian" thing to do for Jesus Christ's only earthly organization would be to pay back Ceasar's things to Ceasar and provide a decent living for those that gave up everything for the Corporation that is God's earthly organization and are retired without any benefits from God's loving and carring Faithful and Discrete Slave directed organization which is knee deep in childmolestation lawsuits. How ironic is that?

    Yes the Governing Body hates its own shadow that's why they condemn it when they visualize it in "Satan Organization"/the world/false religion/governments, and are in complete denial of it in themselves as they wear the mantle"Faithful and Discreet Slave" for every juicy bit of power they can squeeze out of it. They can do no wrong!

  • fulano

    @Oubliette... I would like to quote but I it's hard on this forum.... You have to make a difference between , sp, co and do, on one Side and missionaris and bethelites on the other. The last two are much more protected, the other...sp, co, do are still supposed to be with one leg in the world.

  • fulano

    @ newhope etc... I do not have an opinion about wrong or right at this moment , you know things on forehand, when you accept the privilege. I was just pointing out how things are arranged for missionaries and bethelites.

  • logical1


    Bethel is self-insured.

    They have mini-clinics and doctors, even dentists, on staff for routine cases.

    For anything more serious, such as surgery, Bethelites would have to go to a"worldly" hospital. Costs are borne by the WTS out of their general funds. Or maybe they have a dedicated fund for that - not sure. Anyways, no health insurance is involved.

    And yes, if Joe Average-Bethelite develops a condition that will be expensive to treat (cancer, lupus, etc.) it's out-the-door-you-go."

    Are the doctors actual JW's or just contracted?

    I wonder what happens if the doctors find an STD. Do they report it up the chain?

    Are WT doctors bound by HIPPA?

  • Oubliette

    Are WT doctors bound by HIPPA?

    Yeah, HIPPA-crit!

  • KiddingMe

    Thanks, marked!

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