Android or iPad? Help please.

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  • HeyThere

    I love my SAMSUNG android devices. Easy to use, very easily compatible and no issues. I have had a cheapo android tablet and it sucked. If you go for a quality android device (Samsung is my choice) then they are great...not as limiting as apple...

  • nonjwspouse

    I found the best advice ever from the talk radio show host Kim Komando, at . She has a weekly show and it is packed full with fantastic advice, solutions, reccomendations etc. She is also on facebook now.

  • Xanthippe

    Thank you guys. Some good suggestions there. I really appreciate your help, you've been brilliant.

  • Pacopoolio

    As someone that actually develops for both...

    Android devices are better in almost every way possible -if- you are sure you get the devices that are comparable in spec to the corresponding Apple device. It's the same when it comes to PCs vs. Macs; with you easily spending ~500 less for a ocmparable PC to Mac.

    Androids have the "you can put anything on them via USB" advantage (without hacking an Applie product) that is HUGE, especially since it's useful as a last second storage/transfer device as well. For instance, on job interviews, I sync demo reels and audio with my PC and Tablets without having to go through iTunes or hack into the iPad.

    However, for the layman that just wants to buy stuff via a central store and not even bother plugging into a USB port, and whose eyes cross when they see al lthe android tablets available, not knowing the spec differences, they typically do better with the "simple" choice of just buying an iPad.

  • ShirleyW

    I want to know how you got your job and you're not qualified for it

    I ask because I'm not working now, it's been quite a while, sent out gazilllions of resumes and you have a job and don't know how to do it.

    Ya' understand what I'm saying' ?????

  • Xanthippe

    Shirley I work in a public library and have done for the past fourteen years. The job description has changed enormously in that time. I spend much of my day teaching people how to do things on almost forty pcs that are provided for the public. Imagine a person who can barely speak English, has hardly touched a computer and has been sent from the employment office to apply for a job online. Welcome to my day.

  • Mikado

    I love my amazing samsung phone, but the iPad beats the android tablet hands down.

  • done4good

    I own both, and engineer network support systems for both OSs, (iOS and Android), such as VPN, UC apps, etc.

    For day to day "it just works" stuff...Ipad. iOS generally has better commercial application availabilty for some reason also.

    If you have to run some one off applications that require with dealing with a lot of "non-Apple" stuff, (like dealing with limitations associated with wireless AP distances and so forth), Android might be a better choice, since fixes for bugs associated with those types of problems seem to be a bit more forthcoing from Google than Apple.



    I have both and I find that I use the iPad more for games, the app selection is vast and good for the most part. My Nexus I use for multimedia consumption, web browsing, email. I'd say get both its good to be familiar with more than one OS anyway.

  • Wonderment

    If you value flexibility and freedom, go with Android.

    Apple is fine if you are willing to be held hostage to this one company in every way. Apps are cheaper or free with Android.

    Also, within a few months, Google is going to target the desktop more and more. So expect Android apps to work anywhere, even in Chrome OS, Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. Try that with Apple.

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