Canadian Beer Fridge

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  • jam

    That's it, I'm moving to Canada. That song did it for me..

  • HowTheBibleWasCreated

    Actually i'm a traitor I plan to move to the Philippines whne I retire... lol

  • smiddy

    Happy birthday Canada


  • prologos

    jam, good move. come and work there. Reason No. 1? --They have a good one-payer health care system. fairly new, the 60s, central europe started that when the watchtower was introduced in the US.

    Canada has many reasons to celebrate in July.

  • jgnat

    Chris Hadfield, that's great. He's our latest Mission Specialist to the space program. Does anyone know what "kissing the cod" means? Ever eaten Koubassa?

  • jgnat
  • Finkelstein

    Does anyone know what "kissing the cod" means?

    Kissing the cod is a tradition that began in and continues to occur in Newfoundland, Canada.

    The tradition involves a codfish as well as a type of rum referred to a "Screech". It is traditionally used to welcome newcomers to the island. This can be also referred to as a "Screech-in". The ceremony may be performed at pubs such as Trapper John's on George Street, St. John's [ 2 ] or a travel guide or local family may perform the ceremony. So to begin, you must have a Newfoundlander present for a ceremony. Then you must get your shot of screech ready for consumption. At this time the cod must be kissed. Once this task is finished you must answer the question “Is ye a Screecher?”. The reply to this is "Deed I is me old cock, and long may your big jib draw!". [ 3 ] This can be translated as “Yes indeed, my friend, long may your big sail (i.e. jib) draw wind”, or “may there always be wind in your sails." Afterwards the shot of screech must be consumed. At this time the newcomer is accepted in, and receives a certificate from the Royal Order of Newfoundland Screechers.

    .and Kielbasa is usually referring to Ukraine sausage.

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