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    Watchtower, November 15, 2013, p. 20, para. 17:

    At that time, the life-saving direction that we receive from Jehovah’s organization may not appear practical from a human standpoint. All of us must be ready to obey any instructions we may receive, whether these appear sound from a strategic or human standpoint or not. Now is the time for any who may be putting their trust in secular education, material things, or human institutions to adjust their thinking. The elders must stand ready to help any who may now be wavering in their faith.

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    March 2012

    Part 1



    Part 2



    One letter split it in half for legibility.

    Love this one quote:

    "However, Satan, the Master of Deception, has made the pursuit of higher education dangerous for a christian."

    Also, degrees of pornia? Since when, Watchtower Leadership? Sheesh. How biblical. Not. Oh, and there's a follow-up letter dated April of that same year which details pornia even more, if mem serves. Bunch of toad-sucking, infantile, hypocritical... grrr. Could go on, but don't wanna spook away any lurkers.

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    For example, there is a school for single pioneer brothers called the Bible School for Single Brothers, and for married pioneers there is the Bible School for Christian Couples. All these schools help us to obey our heavenly Master, Jehovah. the governing body.

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    Quick! Someone bake me a cookie! STAT!

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    I can find you damning Watchtower quotes a lot faster than I can bake you a cookie.

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    a thank you for the effort and time peoole gave you would be nice :D x

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    Oops, posted wrong link for second half of that letter in a previous reply:

    Part 2


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