big accident at Warwick construction site

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  • DesirousOfChange

    Perhaps hiring an educated engineer to help them out would solve their problem.'s more important that a person have spiritual qualifications. Pioneers on cranes. Pioneers doing electrical, plumbing, excavation. It's like saying let's have the janitor run this crane. He has a lot of experience at Nintendo. Same wobble stick style of controls.

    You'll notice the GB seek out doctors, nurses, and lawyers (ESP LAWYERS) that have college education and degrees. Screw the spiritual qualifications if they're gonna have their gall bladder removed. They want someone that knows a scalpel from a butcher knife.


  • Actigall Ur
    Actigall Ur
    Wow, this must have been hush hush
  • cappytan

    I just now saw this.

    I'm wondering if it was indeed a volunteer or one of the worldly outside contractors that got hurt. I heard they were hiring third-party contractors for much of the heavy stuff at Warwick.

  • Sofia Lose
    Sofia Lose

    My family is heavily involved with the Warwick project. I have hinted that if any of them was involved in an accident on site, they would cover all medical costs and insurance would paid the price according to the injury. They have told me that the Org is fully and well insured. I hope never to find out.


  • pontoon
    The name of the main outside contractor on the Warwick build is Storm King Group. Company was formally owned by a brother under a different name but similar. I believe they are about done now. Storm King doesn't have cranes, so cranes on site were Watchtower and/or other subs. They probably had 10 or more cranes there at the same time. Cranes are the only heavy equipment requiring a license to operate (at least in NY). Crane operator is the man in charge, high % of any mishap he'll own.
  • gone for good
    gone for good

    So this is a building site for a palace for Gods very own representatives - the delusional guys directed by and watched over by myriads of angels,

    Wouldn't it be brazenly blasphemous to even insinuate the need for worldly insurance?

    Remember that Jabooba was thwarted years ago by chariots with iron wheels - maybe modern construction cranes are beyond his abilities to control as well?

    New light - god always needs money and is no good with machinery.

  • jookbeard
    pay peanuts get monkeys, buy cheap pay twice.

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