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  • KateWild

    This is misleading. It turned out that it is flat.-cofty

    Hahahaha for now. they could change their minds again. How about the earth? It was flat first and then spherical. But to an ant the earth is flatKate xx

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    You can't just change your mind in science. We are pretty sure with a number of digits of certainty that the Universe is flat. First you do the calculations and make a hypothesis, the hypothesis came out with 3 different results (open, closed, flat) which would each give separate observations in the background radiation. We made the observations and measured the hot spots vs cold spots in the background radiation and found out that it matches the hypothesis of a flat universe...

    Unless you off course are going to postulate that the entire thing is a simulation and we're just being fooled by a computer program but then you might as well believe in a deity because deities require the suspension of science and facts.

    The best thing about science and scientists is that they're willing to admit they're either wrong or don't know. They don't fill in their mistakes with more lies nor do they rely on a deity to fill in the gaps in their knowledge.

  • Heaven

    Oh cool... there is a Heaven of Heavens. Yes, that would be me.

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