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  • jw07

    *Anthony Morris the Turd enters stage left*

    Warm love and greetings from the Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. One hundred years ago Christ Jesus began his invisible rule in the heavens. Since then Jehovah's chariot has been gathering more momentum each day. We now live in the age of the internet, and it has become one of the prime sources by which many people now read, and by which some Witnesses now spread the Good News of the Kingdom.

    In light of these developments the Governing Body saw it fit to make the following changes.

    The Governing Body has come to the decision that hours spent engaging in the preaching work online may now be included on your field service report (5 GB 4:15). This includes sharing emails, making posts on social media, and responding to posts. Each publisher may add an additional 10 minutes for each Like or Re-tweet since viral posts will give a longer witness to unlookers.

    *mindless applause*

    Jehovah's Witnesses are now permitted to have their own blog at jw.org in the format jw.org/country/congregation name/username. This account will serve to contain content you have selected from JW.org, which you may share with interested ones. Elders and ministerial servants will be assigned to monitor these pages to make sure that they contain information in line with our teachings. Please note that comments are disabled for these pages so as not to detract from the vital life saving information.

    Since the world is now relying more and more on the internet we have decided to consolidate the Watchtower and Awake into a montly track entitled "Visit JW.org"!

    *mindless applause*

    Clearly, the internet is a wonderful tool which Jehovah is indeed blessing so as to make sure that the Good News of the Kingdom is spread throughout the entire inhabited earth in this time of the end! Brothers, we have to be mindfull of the fact that someone else is using the internet to do evil. Who is that? Satan the Devil!

    *slight crowd murmer* *brothers in the audience nod mindlessly*

    We have to constantly be on guard against pornography, violence, and apostacy among other things! With this in mind the Faithful Slave has made available a new software program for desktops and mobile devices: JW Guard!!!

    *THUNDEROUS applause* *cheering* *20 seconds elapse* *brothers break out in tears, whisper about how wonderful it all is*

    JW Guard will monitor traffic on your devices and block out pornography, violent content, apostate propaganda among other things. The best part is that it automatically updates each week to make sure that you are protected from the latest attempts by Satan to lead you astray on the internet!!!. Brothers who search for flagged terms more than once a month will be automatically reported to your local elders via email, and lovingly be sheperded to bring them back in line. Are we not reaping the blessings of 100 years of Kingdom rule????

    *Anthony Morris the Turd exits stage left* *THUNDEROUS applause* *THUNDEROUS applause* *THUNDEROUS applause*

  • gingerbread

    V idiot

    The WT organization is making massive changes - to major doctrinal issues, internal structure, asset management and the methods to spread it's message. More changes have occurred in the past 20 years than in the 50 years previous. In the 21st century the WT organization became WAY more controlling of it's members.

    These conclusions are based on personal observation. I have a fifty year perspective (from a JW family four generations deep) as a very active Jehovah's Witness adult.

    Ask anyone on the street "what religion knocks on your door wanting to talk about the Bible?". What would the answer be?

    Ask anyone who has been a JW for five or six decades if it's the religion of their youth. What would their answer be?

    Remember - the governing body "loves this new idea!" It's now all about changes.


  • Wild_Thing

    This will never happen. I do foresee all the pioneers carrying around iPads in their bookbags. (If they don't already.)

    I also think it's possible that they may start taking more advantage of all the technology they have always shunned. I know they have started already, but I think it's possible we might start seeing paid ads over the internet to advertise their website, or even paid spots over TV.

    There are also many other avenues they could exploit. They could have their own channel on iTunes. Also, Roku has channels, and many of them are from religious affiliations. I can see them putting up their little cartoons and poorly done bible dramas on there.

    Do they have their own YouTube channel yet? I think they will ... if there is a way to disable commenting. They won't use anything that would enable 2 way communication.

  • gingerbread

    This August's KM - Service Meeting part - has an demonstration on how to use an iPad or smartphone with a householder - to direct them to JW.org

  • Vidiot

    gingerbread - "This August's KM - Service Meeting part - has an demonstration on how to use an iPad or smartphone with a householder - to direct them to JW.org"

    I have to admit; five years ago, I would have thought that (like debit machines) was pretty freaking weird.

    Despite the "e-religion" rebrand effort, though, they're still an authoritarian high-control group. Progressive reform just ain't in the cards; they'd no longer be Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • donuthole

    I'm speculating that the mass organizational downsizing that started at the top with Bethelites is trickling down through the ranks. Missionaries are being sent home. District Overseers are being retired. It may even reach the very bottom with publishers. With the advancement of JW.ORG branded storefronts, booths, and street carts there will be less emphasis on the preaching work. The Society no longer needs a seven-million door-to-door sales force because they are phasing out their publishing empire. They'll trim the fat and leave only the most loyal that will directly supporting the organization through a tithe-like system. During the transition unneeded Kingdom Halls could be sold as an additional (or even primary) revenue stream.

    To what the OP posted, I could see that JW.ORG being on the WORLDWIDE web in hundreds of languages could be championed as the fulfillment of the global preaching work.

    The door-to-door work started as a literature selling activity. If you look at the older literature they don't even hide the fact that it was about selling literature. In later years they had to change the language to stay ahead of anti-solicitation laws and later taxation on the sale of religious literature. Now that traditional publishing is going away this activity is ready to be discontinued.

    Keep in mind that the preaching work came close to being done away with in Ray Franz's day. Anything can happen.

  • gingerbread

    I agree.

    The core methods to maintain loyalty to the organization are still the same. The Watchtower/Jehovah's Witnesses will never change their position as millennialists. The culture produced by it's doctrine is firmly entrenched in an end of time belief system. ALL members are required to spread this message / warning.

    "Door-to-door work" may be phased out but the "preaching work" won't ever disappear. It's a mandate from God for Jehovah's Witnesses. It's the methods that will change.

    In the writing and talks of the Bible Students and Witnesses, it is clearly stated (or at least heavily implied) that God caused man to invent things to be used for the preaching work - telegraph, telephone, phonograph, cars, radio, magnetic tape, high speed printers, fax machines, computers....and now the internet.

    It's a bunch of delusional guys who have 7 million people at their "service".

  • gingerbread

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