Does WT use intellectual intimidation in publications?

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  • KateWild


    I had a little look at that forum too. I think the internet can be a sesspit of all kinds of improprieties. We see ones blantantly saying thinks like it's ignorant to believe this or that................

    Wt is much more subtle, from the examples above.

    Kate xx

  • KateWild

    Kate I do see the continual attempt to undermine anyones belief in their own intellegence.-nonjw

    Thanks for that. It's another way they keep control over JWs. Kate xx

  • Oubliette

    First of all, nothing about the WTBTS is intellectual. You simply have to disabuse yourself of this false notion.

    I will concede that they are big on the appearance of "biblical scholarship," but the facts prove otherwise. Why do you think the WT leadership is so against higher education for their followers?

    There are several reasons, but one of the main ones is that anyone with even a modicum of education as to how real scholarly research is conducted will quickly realize that no WT publications even come close. The average WT is written at what would be the 7th grade level in the United States, that is at the average level of a 12 - 13 year old child. Hardly the stuff of intellectualism.

    Even the few publications such as the Creation book or the now abandoned Trinity brochure which seem to be well-researched and academically sound are shams. Both have been soundly trashed for their flagrant misuse of quotes.

    What I believe you are really wanting to address it the way the WT leaders use a variety of techniques of psychological manipulation. They are, in fact, experts at it. To my mind, their prowess in manipulating people with sophisticated and subtle means is evidence of their deliberate and knowing intent. They are morally culpable. Whether or not they actually believe any of the bullshit doctrines the profess is debatable. However, I believe it is self-evident that they are fully aware of their deceptions and lies and just don't care.

    You might find this older thread useful in your self-education on the topic:

    "WT Publications are all propaganda!" admits the Awake! magazine

    Indeed, I would encourage everyone at your stage of coming out of this cult to read all three articles in this Awake! series on propaganda.

    The Awake! articles on propaganda are in the June 22nd, 2000 issue. Here's the link:

    It's the first three articles:

    * Propaganda Can Be Deadly
    * The Manipulation of Information
    * Do Not Be a Victim of Propaganda!

    They're very educational and, at least for me, are conclusive proof that the WT writers absolutely know what they're doing and are both very skilled at it and very deliberate.

    Ya' gotta' love the irony of the third title!

    KateWild: Is it impossible for WT to recruit a intellectually strong individual?

    Not only is it possible, it is likely.

    According to Steven Hassan, intelligence is not a protection against being recruited into a cult. In fact, intelligent, creative people are in some ways easier to indoctrinate as they can intellectually fill in the fantasy with their own imagination.

    The only protection is knowing the techniques of mind-control and manipulation and recognizing when someone is trying to use them on you.

    (Sorry I don't have a citation for you; I've read two of Hassan's books, almost everything on his website and watched many of his videos so I don't remember exactly where he said this, but he has made this point repeatedly.)

  • Oubliette

    Kate, I absolutely LOVE this little gem you found:

    "They prove neither their assertions nor their smears, but by the tyranny of authority they pontificate their opinions, squelch objections and intimidate opposers. It works, and supposedly intelligent people who know nothing about the theory believe it because "all intelligent people believe it.".... What About You? - Awake 1978 Aug 27th - [Emphasis added]

    Although the Awake! writers were supposedly talking about evolutionists, it just as easily applies to them. Maybe even more so!

  • Separation of Powers
    Separation of Powers

    Oubliette's comment is right on point...there is no "intellect" involved in the ORG. Intellect is based on rationality of thinking NOT emotion. If people are coerced to believe something for fear of retaliation, than their response is emotional NOT rational.


  • steve2

    Why dress it up as "intellectual intimidation" when it is "simply" verbal bullying?

    Does WT use intellectual intimidation in publications?

    .......................Considering Theres Nothing Intellectual in WBT$ literature..

    ...............................................I Don`t Think Thats Possible..


    .......................................................................................................................... photo mutley-ani1.gif ...OUTLAW

  • Xanthippe

    Hi Kate, I agree with Oub that nothing about the WTBTS is intellectual. I do feel though that when you have questions as I did at 16 about the Ransom, I just couldn't see it and later about the seven times prophecy, they treat you as if you are an idiot. Why are you having a problem with it no-one else is? It's very straightforward, what's so difficult about it? That is intellectual intimidation. It's a case of, What, you can't see the Emperor's new clothes! No I just thought he was naked!

    It's a good life lesson though isn't it? I keep reminding myself that if I think something doesn't sound right then I do not let anyone twist my arm and make me believe it ever again. That sixteen-year-old was no idiot!

  • Oubliette


    There are some interesting points I found on this website (apparently) referencing Ayn Rand's book, The Virtue of Selfishness :

    Here are some comments and quotes that are relevant to you OP:

    Referring to the "argument from intimidation," the author describes it as "a method of bypassing logic by means of psychological pressure."

    "The essential characteristic of the Argument from Intimidation is its appeal to moral self-doubt and its reliance on the fear, guilt or ignorance of the victim. It is used in the form of an ultimatum demanding that the victim renounce a given idea without discussion, under threat of being considered morally unworthy. The pattern is always: 'Only those who are evil (dishonest, heartless, insensitive, ignorant, etc.) can hold such an idea.'"

    The author (of the website) continues, "the Argument from Intimidation is a confession of intellectual impotence."

    - - - - - - -

    Note, I say "the author" because the way the text is presented on the website is not clear as to authorship. It is hard to tell which thoughts are Ayn Rand's and which are the website owners.

  • BluesBrother

    For Example,....Kingdom Song No.10

    "Some show God weak; some paint him cruel.
    “There is no God!” so shouts the fool."

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