Resinstatement - Holy Spirit Direction is BULL

by rrb2016 14 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • sparrowdown

    You are absolutely right though "holy spirit"-pure bull.

  • outinthemeadows

    They always make out elders are appointed by holy spirit......I certainly know thats not true. If elders were appointed by holy spirit then how do you explain all the child abusers that are appointed elders?

    No matter who does the appointing these days, holy spirit has very little to do with it.....

  • sir82


    You should start a "reinstatement consulting service".

    DF'ed folks could pay you to coach them and write their letters of reinstatement.

    Just a question, can you be an apostate if you were never baptized?

    I was under the impression you could only be labelled an apostate if you made a dedication and were baptised.

    Technically that is true.

    However in WT la-la land, the practical working definition of "apostate" is "anyone who speaks of or publishes anything negative about Jehovah's Witnesses or their teachings".

  • westiebilly11

    Just had local ministerial servant made an elder.....He told many that he always should have been made an elder for several years he is one....I wonder if the fact that he is very wealthy due to receiving over a million pounds after a road crash some years ago has anything to do with it....useful source of money...

  • villagegirl

    rrb2016 - I find all this - amusing and incredible - I never knew when

    I was in what fakery I was surrounded with. I wonder how many of these

    types are actually being counted in the statistics the WT publishes of their

    "membership" How many are playing along for family and maybe they

    majority are ? The most avid hard liners I ever knew would say things

    like " Do you know how much I hate the world?" Hate motivates the

    "true believer in the Org JW" from my observation, hate and a feeling

    of superiority and fear.

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